The Concrete Gnome

The Concrete Gnome

My parents had a concrete gnome in their flower garden.

He sat on a special rock that was his only.

One night something happened to him and he fell off and his arm and foot was broke and he was dirty.

I picked him up and took him home to put him back together and clean him up.

I thought I would surprise my family and sneak him back onto his rock.

Well when I got him to my house, I caught myself talking to him like he was alive. That was unusual. Anyway, i started cleaing him and was planning to paint the scatched parts.

Then I heard a voice saying “I want a brown hat, not red”.

I looked around but saw no one and checked to see if it was my TV.  Then I just let it go.

I starting cleaning his glass eyes and jumped away. It’s eye moved. The other eye was chipped and was cloudy.

The eyes were like buttons and was glued to the cement. Then I said, “No way” and started cleaing again. Heck, the eye moved and I heard it say “OW”.

That thing was alive! I left it and started looking up info about them and the thing started moving on the countertop.

So I ran in and covered him with a 5 gallon bucket. I read they chase animals away and I had to put my cat in another room.

I called my friend to come help me. Then that thing started jumping under bucket.

I read that if there are other gnomes in their area or near them, they kill them.

I had a young gnome so I had to take this thing outside because it was screaming and I was so scared of it that the hair on my neck was sticking out.

My friend came and saw it and heard too. I was praying to Jesus for help and that thing went nuts.

So we took him outside and ran away.

The next day I was looking at my young gnome and its hat was scratched. I cried. I have had it long time.

So I took it to my parent’s to another garden. Gnomes like taking care of gardens. I was sad to see him there but he looked happy.

Everytime I visit my parents I visit him too. He still looks happy.

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