CONTROL by Val’s Whitewolf Media

“Control” by Val’s Whitewolf Media Government, funny how it seems since March in the year twenty-twenty, America has slid sideways into a different universe where the government controls all! Do you feel me! What if the new drug that is or has been hardly tested is deadly? We have all seen drugs on the marketContinue reading “CONTROL by Val’s Whitewolf Media”

Kitty Day Care by My Wife Val’s Whitewolf Media

Boy could I use a kitty day care, No more watching the Packers playing ball with Sophie tapping players on the field, No more me yelling ’Nooooo!, Stop that! Don’t climb the curtain!, Get outttt!’ Sophie and her sister leave and my Black cat enters the room. I look away real fast, Its quiet inContinue reading “Kitty Day Care by My Wife Val’s Whitewolf Media”

Enveloped In A Kiss by Val’s Whitewolf Media, my wife

As I drove past ancient cemeteries, Steeples caressing the sky, Twisting and turning, Iowa county road, The earth matched the lavender sky, Laced seamlessly snow to sky, Perfect harmony, The Orange enveloped the heavens, Like a heavenly hand played a part, As the sunset, My baby blues caught a glimpse, Feelings of bliss, Just likeContinue reading “Enveloped In A Kiss by Val’s Whitewolf Media, my wife”

Night In The Hood, Cat’s Prowl by Val’s Whitewolf Media

Out there! This side of no where! Out there northern Iowa, This side of the corn field, Running, Jumping, High five, Prowling, The hood’s alive, Yesterday I say it breathe to life, In my head I heard ‘West Side Story’, Cool, crisp January day, Things are hopping, The hood’s alive, Stopping upon my porch, NibbleContinue reading “Night In The Hood, Cat’s Prowl by Val’s Whitewolf Media”