Lone Wolf

The lone wolf stands on the edge of the forest watching her pack play. The oldest leaders are surrounded by their older cubs that are almost into adulthood. They play with the pack, jumping and tumbling all together. Then later the old female leader is grooming her mate. She is the alpha now because theContinue reading “Lone Wolf”

Night In The Hood, Cat’s Prowl by Val’s Whitewolf Media

Out there! This side of no where! Out there northern Iowa, This side of the corn field, Running, Jumping, High five, Prowling, The hood’s alive, Yesterday I say it breathe to life, In my head I heard ‘West Side Story’, Cool, crisp January day, Things are hopping, The hood’s alive, Stopping upon my porch, NibbleContinue reading “Night In The Hood, Cat’s Prowl by Val’s Whitewolf Media”

May 24, 2020 Started Writing A Book

On May 24, 2020 Well, well, well. I’ve started writing. Yep, very unusual for me. Lately I’ve been dreaming about stories. Writing them in my dreams. Well today right before waking, a story had started and I decided to write it down. It is about me. I’m younger, a different name, and different family. InContinue reading “May 24, 2020 Started Writing A Book”

Woman of the Wylde by Sher Greenwolf

Once upon a time in a place a long way away live a little girl. She loved to run through wild flowers as tall as she was and chase the butterflies. Leaping and tumbling and rolling down hills. And filling the field with laughter from her thrills. She sometimes stood very still as butterflies coverContinue reading “Woman of the Wylde by Sher Greenwolf”