“Thirteen Signs You Might Be A Witch”

“Thirteen Signs You Might Be A Witch” Most witches actually decide to be a witch. In fact, it’s not really something you are born with or that is indicated by signs as the title of this post suggests. Really, there is only ONE sign that indicates you are a witch: you practice witchcraft. Witchcraft isContinue reading ““Thirteen Signs You Might Be A Witch””

10 Beginner Tarot Mistakes to Avoid

10 Beginner Tarot Mistakes to Avoid As a beginner Tarot reader, it can be hard to know where to start. The deck feels overwhelming and there are a million different spreads you can use. How are you supposed to know where to begin? I struggled to learn Tarot for many years. It felt like suchContinue reading “10 Beginner Tarot Mistakes to Avoid”