Torn Between Two Loves

It’s so hard to leave. I have a very close friend and a partner. I’ve known my best friend for 6 years. My partner I have known 6 months. My best friend is so close to me that we’re like sisters but even closer. I’m in love with my newest friend and plan to goContinue reading “Torn Between Two Loves”

I Think I Might Have Lost My Wife

She always ask me if I talked to my two closest lesbian friends about something I do sometimes. Especially about lesbian relationships. My soon-to-be wife has a lot of pets. I don’t want her to be rid of them. They are her children. I can’t be around so many because of the confusion. I didn’tContinue reading “I Think I Might Have Lost My Wife”

Changing Like A Chameleon

A lot of people don’t want me to change and to be myself. That’s what they tell me. I am the type that has to change to adjust to my surroundings and what goes on in order to stop fussing or disappointment from others of things I do or say. I can’t stand it whenContinue reading “Changing Like A Chameleon”