“Thirteen Signs You Might Be A Witch”

“Thirteen Signs You Might Be A Witch” Most witches actually decide to be a witch. In fact, it’s not really something you are born with or that is indicated by signs as the title of this post suggests. Really, there is only ONE sign that indicates you are a witch: you practice witchcraft. Witchcraft isContinue reading ““Thirteen Signs You Might Be A Witch””

My Miracles Throughout My Life Part 2

*While in the hospital I almost died. I looked at the end of my bed to where visitors sit and I saw God sitting there. Now, today I know it was an angel and its clothes were very white as white as snow and his face was so bright I couldn’t see his facial features.Continue reading “My Miracles Throughout My Life Part 2”

Aliens Mutilated Animals

I’ll tell you my experience with a cow and livestock. Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away…. I was on a spaceship. Done this off and on throughout my whole life. This one time while me and other people were being examined by the space people, we landed in an area nearContinue reading “Aliens Mutilated Animals”