“Thirteen Signs You Might Be A Witch”

“Thirteen Signs You Might Be A Witch” Most witches actually decide to be a witch. In fact, it’s not really something you are born with or that is indicated by signs as the title of this post suggests. Really, there is only ONE sign that indicates you are a witch: you practice witchcraft. Witchcraft isContinue reading ““Thirteen Signs You Might Be A Witch””

Narcissists Cannot Accept Apologies

Even though I know I wasn’t wrong for telling my friends what is being done to me, I decided to lower myself and apologize to bring peace by writing a letter to a narcissistic person in charge of a large retirement home full of seniors that are age 62 years old and up. Peace isContinue reading “Narcissists Cannot Accept Apologies”

Needed Someone To Live With Me

June 10, 2020 There are times in my older age that I wished someone could live with me. Especially at night. When my body attacks me and I fight for my life, it scares me. I do have a help button on my wrist but the bad thing about it is they call my elderlyContinue reading “Needed Someone To Live With Me”

Dragon Woman by Sherry A Mason 

Her breath felt warm against my cold ear as she told me where she hid her magical egg. She told me, “If you make love to your new girlfriend beside the egg, it would turn an amber color if she is the one for you”. My dragon friend and I had been very close forContinue reading “Dragon Woman by Sherry A Mason “