Stay at home, save a life? Impossible!

We are told to stay home, wear a mask, stay 6 feet away from another person, don’t go anywhere. Wait for the virus to leave.

It’s here to stay like all the others from the past hundreds of years. They never left. We just adjusted to it.

I was told just today that I need to stay home and not go anywhere at all. Yet the person that told me that was 20 years older than me. I’m a senior as well. She is my parent.

She goes to the dentist today. Is that staying home and saving a life? She wears a mask but when the mask comes off the virus can get in her mouth. And the virus is on the instruments that touch her mouth. Her life is at risk.

Later she’s going to her deceased sister’s house to get it ready to sell. Yes, she has a mask on but she takes it off in the house and other family members have their masks off. That’s risking lives. They all came from different parts of town, out in the population which are carrying the virus on them, and bringing it to aunts, and cousins which is a risk of catching the virus.

She goes to Walmart and grocery stores and gets the virus on her body and it rides home with her to her husband, daughter, sister, greatgrandchild and they don’t wear masks among themselves in the home.

She goes to church, which means she goes outside and the virus hops on her body and clothes and rides with her to the inside of her church. All the people have the virus on them. They gather inside. Sit 6 feet apart and take off there masks to hear the preacher teach. The virus jumps off everyone and flies into everyone’s noses and mouths. The virus is having a party with no guilty consciousness.

Churches are breeding buildings and the viruses are rampaging the humans so they can take them back to their homes to be released inside and they go in all the families mouths and start working on them to eat what it can and kill each human being.

Don’t preach “Stay at home. Save a life.” You need to keep your own advice.

Unless you are living off the land and never go to the stores, visiting your families, going to doctors, going to church, you are causing yourself to die and risking others lives as well.

If we have to stay at home and never leave, we need to wear our masks all the time. If you eat meat you need to kill the animals outside your door. Raise your vegetables in your house or build a green house. Learn how to make your medicine using nature and learn to take care of cuts and pulling your own teeth and if you need surgery you just have to die because you will be at risk of the virus and cause everyone in the operating room to catch it.

Or find a plastic bubble to wear with a air backpack to wear on your back. We know that’s not serving the purpose. Maybe for an individual but still the public is at risk.

We have a virus.
The virus is everywhere and it attaches to everything and every being even your pets.

Because we need food that we don’t grow or clothes we don’t make, we are causing people to go out of their homes to go work to help us buy these things.
We are not caring about the employees’ lives that help us.

So, here you won’t go out to save your life and you think you’re safe?

You order your products.
You think your safe.
You stay home and save a life. Wrong.

1.The product has virus.

2.Product is touched by humans that have virus on them.

3.Product is then mailed.

4.Mail people touch product if in boxes or packages.

5.Boxes have virus and FedEx, UPS, Post Carrier get the virus on them from what’s on the boxes or packages.

6.You get them, touch the boxes with virus, open the boxes, touch wrappings, bubble wrap, airbags that is full of viruses then your product which has virus on it then you have millions of viruses floating in your house, going in everyone and get sick and die or almost dies.

Stay at home, save a life? Impossible!

When I was a child, my father was in the military and was stationed in Japan and we came with him. Except the Americans, almost every Japanese wore masks.

Why didn’t the military make us wear them too?

I got TB because of not wearing a mask. I still have it but it isn’t active.

The Japanese didn’t stay home to rot and wait for the diseases to stop.
They knew it wasn’t going away. So, they covered mouths and noses and went about their everyday lives and not hid.

Yeah, wearing masks are aggravating but it’s safer with them on and we can enjoy life outside as much as we can.

Living inside can cause a lot of problems. We need natural light and air for our bodies throughout.

We need to walk, move around or one day our muscles won’t work and we can’t walk.

Some say we could walk inside our homes. Sure, that’s great if you have a big house. Not so good if you live in a tiny apartment.

“Stay at home, save a life? Impossible!”

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