Rules For Taking Photos of Bigfoot

Let me tell you something about what I learned about taking pictures or videos of the woods trying to catch Sasquatch while you are hiking or just sitting.

First thing you do, is stay calm.
Don’t take pictures at every little noise and snap, krackle or pop.

When videoing, scan the area very slow. And when walking and videoing don’t put the camera/phone down at your feet. Keep the camera pointing ahead of you.

Walk slowly and quietly.
Do everything in slow motion.
And don’t talk loudly when you are filming. All the noises you make will scare everything away.

I was sent almost 20 pictures and videos Sunday.

The scanning of the area was too fast.

The person snapped a picture at every sound they heard
When you hear a noise, first slowly turn to investigate where the noise is coming from.

If you’re looking for bigfoot, you won’t find him or her.

I trained my mind to think of trees, flowers, birds, squirrels, creeks.

So in my mind, I say “I’m looking for pretty things to take pictures of.” And do so.

Then I turn around and take a picture of something else behind me. Then I point the camera back to the first thing I took a picture of. So I have a compare pic.

Sometimes in my thoughts I talk to the Sasquatch. I think these words: “I’m taking pictures of the leaves in the trees or on the bushes. If you want to be in the picture, please step in front of me.”

I have had them to step behind a tree or step in front for me to see them.

Always be nice. They don’t like us taking pictures of them. And if you are not polite to them, your pictures will be blurred.

Oh and most bigfoot are brown, black abd rust brown. Not blue, or green.

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