Gifting Sasquatch-Bigfoot

I’m an investigator for bigfoot, ghosts and other cryptids. I’m not professional yet.

If you want to gift bigfoot some food, don’t. It will cause them to depend on humans for food and can cause humans a lot of problems like beating on your outside walls or roofs, they might hurt you or your pets.

One day me and daughter did give organic carrots to some Squatch and they did eat them.

I threw the bunch in a tree about 10 feet up. The next week I found one piece on the ground and I could see teeth marks on it. It wasn’t sharp like animals but like human teeth.

Sasquatch don’t have sharp teeth. They have teeth like us.

So if you are a long way from civilization and you want to gift food, don’t give anything in packages or processed food. Give raw fruits and raw vegetables that are organic.

Some people gift tobacco. Please don’t. It makes the juvies (young) sick. They do use the tobacco plants but to heal with and it is the live plant that is what they use.

I know these things from experience and was told by the clan leader that was near me.

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