Fear of Prison or Living on the Street Because of Expressing My Feelings

Freedom of Speech is a lie.

I used to see psychiatrists years ago for deep depression and they thought I was a schizophrenic and had bipolar. Many times I was in groups where we had to tell deep details of our problems. I wouldn’t speak at all. Everyday I was there, I never spoke until one day the leader said, “We can’t help you unless you speak up and tell us why you are here and what do you need help for.”

That’s when I started talking. I didn’t want to be a failure and wanted to get well.

They told me to write my experiences that lead me to get help. They said expressing myself on paper will bring the abuse, rapes and being bullied out of me and I would feel and do better.

It is good to express your feelings and have others read it. Sometimes I wrote letters to my abusers or bullies then I would burn the letters. It was like being released from them.

We found out later that I was misdiagnosed. I was schizoid nor bipolar. I have adult autistic disorder and that isn’t a mental illness.

Now I’m being told to stop writing and keep my problems to myself.

Someone in the Gov is reading this now and I may be picked up and handcuffed and thrown into jail in the morning because I am not keeping quiet.

I fear that I’ll be put in prison. No one here to get my four legged furry son that’s known me for 7 years since he was 9 weeks old.

I’m 68 years old and can’t fight because of weakness. I’ll probably get raped by the women or beat up.

Then if I get out, all my stuff will be gone and my cat, too and I can’t get a home based on my income because I didn’t like someone and talked about that person.

I have a fear of living on the street until my wife finds me. Homeless people steal everything another homeless person has. They have gangs and rape women.

I can’t be with men because a rape years ago ripped me up inside. So a rape will kill me. Or I’d kill myself if they didn’t because of the torching pain.

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