Fairy Tree

Let me tell you a true story about the fairy tree that I saw. It was amazing!

“Years ago after my daughter moved out of her apartment which was in the front of mine and David’s (RIP) apartment.

We moved in behind her.

Across the street that our place was facing was the neighbor’s back yard.

One morning about 4am I was awake and I got some hot tea and sat in the window looking out.

After about 30 minutes my neighbor’s tree lit up with tiny golden lights like the photo.

It was like someone had put xmas lights all over it and flipped the switch.

This was in the spring time and this neighbor never decorated that tree.

I was so awed that I couldn’t go back to sleep. As soon as the sun came up, I walked briskly to the fence to inspect it.

They neighbor hadn’t gone out of his house at that time to adjust the lights.

There were no tiny xmas lights in the tree nor wires.

I never saw it light up again.

The strange thing is this happened to my younger sister when she went camping with some of her friends.

She said the tree was a fairy tree. And it was in the spring time also.”

That was amazing.

I believe in fairies. I’ve seen too many to doubt.

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