My Miracles Throughout My Life Part 2

*While in the hospital I almost died.

I looked at the end of my bed to where visitors sit and I saw God sitting there. Now, today I know it was an angel and its clothes were very white as white as snow and his face was so bright I couldn’t see his facial features. I almost died. I had been in a coma.

But then one day I remembered that I got stronger and my husband fed me the first piece of steak and it was so good.

I had been in a coma and for 5 days they fought to save my life.

It was the medicine to induce my labor and numb my childbirth pain that caused me to have a chronic kidney disease and almost killed me.

On the eighth day of my stay, I was strong enough to walk down to the nursery to see my baby. I got there and saw her then I started getting weak again. With the help of my husband, I made it back to my room. On the way back I told he I wanted to go home.

I told him I wasn’t well enough but I felt I could heal better at home. He took care of me and my baby. He was so sweet then. I was very weak for another week, but I continued to get stronger and better.

I had been in the hospital for 9 days after the birth. When I got out I was black, blue and purple. It took 3 weeks to get back to the way I should be.

*Before I had the baby, I had gestational diabetes while pregnant and one night at church I was prayed for.

When I went back to the doctor for blood tests they said there was no high sugar could be found.

I went back the next week and they still couldn’t find anything. I was healed.

*I’ve been healed of so many sicknesses so many times. I’ve even died and had been in semi-comas and was healed.

No one can’t tell me that the Gods don’t perform miracles anymore. I know it can do it. And when anything is unnatural, I believe the Gods can do it.

My Miracles Throughout My Life Part 1

*When I was a teenager, one night I heard my name being called. I woke up and saw an angel standing at my bedroom door.

*When I was in my 20s, I went to the hospital to have tests run on me and had a lot of x-rays also. I had kidney stones, and I found out I was pregnant. I was told that all the xrays could damage my baby. We had a revival at church and the evangelist called me out of the audience and told me not to worry about my baby because God told him that it will be very healthy. The evangelist and the minister didn’t know anything about me or my pregnancy and the xrays.

*After the birth of my baby. I gave birth to a fine healthy baby girl. I saw her and she sucked my breast the first day. Oh how good I felt. I loved this little stranger.

Then the next day I got sick and by the time night came I started having fever.

I was so sick that the other patient in our room was moved out because they staff and doctor thought I was dying.

My fever was 105°F. I don’t remember very much except there was a lot of pain.

They poked a lot of syringes in my arms and hands and fed me intravenously.

I saw a lot if faces. One time I remember them taking my clothes off and putting me in a kiddie pool full of alcohol and crushed ice. It was shocking and miserable.

Another time I saw my grandmother standing by my bed holding a book and she was reading it to me. It must have been the Bible. Then she told me to say, “I plead the blood of Jesus”.

Then another time my husband was talking to me but I didn’t know what he was saying. He was looking at me through the bars of my bed. I saw little cherub angles flying around him.

Seniors Shouldn’t Have To Worry About Not Having A Home After Vacation

So much to do and not enough time to do it.

In anguish because not knowing if manager removes my property while I’m on vacation or not.

Moving my most important property is a challenge and hard work especially for a weak 68 year old woman with only one strong arm.

Plus manager won’t let me move my big furniture out without her inspecting it for bedbugs first.

It’s her law that all residents be treated the same whether we have bedbugs or not. Her other law is we can’t move out after 4pm or on the weekends.

We had a cart that was a flatbed that we could push our big stuff out and she removed it by saying it was wobbly, which is a lie. Now if I move my important furniture, I have to push it on the carpet in the halls and go about a 1/4th of a mile to the back door. Then try to carry the heavy stuff like a man like Hercules.

I’m very weak. I have a cloth wagon but it only can carry light stuff.

Leaving on the 15th. I need my furniture out. This is in case the manager removes them close to 3 weeks I’m gone.

I feel like I’m being beat up. My mentality is just about gone. Fried because of my anguish and trying to work out a better plan.

Hopefully soon, HUD or a lawyer can rescue all of us from the abuse this woman is doing to all of us.

Senior citizens need to know they have a home. We don’t want to live in the streets or our cars.

Rules For Taking Pictures of Bigfoot

Let me teach you something about what I learned about taking pictures or videos of the woods and trying to catch Sasquatch while you are hiking or just sitting.

First thing you do, is stay calm.
Don’t take pictures at every little noise and snap, krackle or pop.

When videoing, scan the area very slow. And when walking and videoing don’t put the camera/phone down at your feet. Keep the camera pointing ahead of you.

Walk slowly and quietly.
Do everything in slow motion.
And don’t talk loudly when you are filming. All the noises you make will scare everything away.

I was sent almost 20 pictures and videos Sunday.

The scanning of the area was too fast.

The person snapped a picture at every sound they heard
When you hear a noise, first slowly turn to investigate where the noise is coming from.

If you’re looking for bigfoot, you won’t find him or her.

I trained my mind to think of trees, flowers, birds, squirrels, creeks.

So in my mind, I say “I’m looking for pretty things to take pictures of.” And do so.

Then I turn around and take a picture of something else behind me. Then I point the camera back to the first thing I took a picture of. So I have a compare pic.

Sometimes in my thoughts I talk to the Sasquatch. I think these words: “I’m taking pictures of the leaves in the trees or on the bushes. If you want to be in the picture, please step in front of me.”

I have had them to step behind a tree or step in front for me to see them.

Always be nice. They don’t like us taking pictures of them. And if you are not polite to them, your pictures will be blurred.

Oh and most bigfoot are brown, black abd rust brown. Not blue, or green.

Feeding Sasquatch-Bigfoot

I’m an investigator for bigfoot, ghosts and other cryptids. I’m not professional yet.

If you want to gift bigfoot some food, don’t. It will cause them to depend on humans for food and can cause humans a lot of problems like beating on your outside walls or roofs, they might hurt you or your pets.

One day me and my daughter, did give organic carrots to some Squatch and they did eat them.

I threw the bunch in a tree about 10 feet up.

The next week I found one piece on the ground and I could see teeth marks on it.

It wasn’t sharp like animals but like human teeth.

Sasquatch don’t have sharp teeth. They have teeth like us.

So, if you are a long way from civilization and you want to gift food, don’t give anything in packages or processed food. Give raw fruits and raw vegetables that are organic.

Some people gift tobacco. Please don’t. It makes the juvies (young) sick. They do use the tobacco plants but to heal with and it is the live plant that is what they use.

I know these things from experience and was told by the clan leader that is near me.

Moving Star?

I love looking at the sky at night. Hoping to see a star or too. We have light pollution and it’s rare to see the stars.

Well a few nights ago I saw a very bright and big star then upon investigating it with my binoculars I noticed it wasn’t a star at all.

It was moving and had colored lights of blue, green, yellow and red. I watched it move. Then it disappeared. Then it was back. The sky was clear of clouds so the ruled out hiding behind clouds. And I had the binoculars stationed so it wouldn’t move. So that ruled that out.

My first thought was it’s a plane but now I’m convinced it was an alien ship.

Similar to the one that took me onboard a few years ago.

The following is a video with my phone but it’s not as good as my binoculars.

Sasquatch In My Camp

This was before I heard of Bigfoot/Sasquatch.

*One year while camping, I kept hearing howls but not of wolves, way in the woods behind me.

Then it sounded like something big was walking through the woods towards my tent.

There was a lot of snaps from twigs being stepped on and it was Autumn, so the leaves were crackling too.

Then small rocks were thrown in my camp. I was holding my breath and froze. Then all was quiet.

The moon was full and bright.

I peeked out of the tent and did see the rocks around the tent. But nothing was moving and the wild night noises were dead quiet.

I eased out as quiet as I could and sneaked around to the back of my tent. I saw only shadows of the trees and shrubs.

I stood there behind the tent and felt the hairs on the back of my neck stick out and felt something or someone was watching me.

Then the breeze blew in my face and I could smell a strong dirty scent. Not like a skunk but like a dirty, sweaty human but something more.

Suddenly I heard a grunt. A deep gluteral grunt.

There about 5 feet in front of me was a man-like creature with hair almost all over him and he was about 8 foot tall. Very muscular.

It wasn’t a gorilla, nor a bear. It had no hair on his face. Sort of reminded me of a caveman.

I stood there with my jaw dropped and just froze.

He and I was staring at each other.

Then he turned and walked back in the woods.

I waited until I heard the night creatures making their noises and dropped to my knees.

What was that creature? Why didn’t he kill me?

I never could find out what it was.

Now that I know what I saw from educating myself, I now know he was a Sasquatch. Or Bigfoot.

Aliens Mutilated Animals

I’ll tell you my experience with a cow and livestock.

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away….

I was on a spaceship. Done this off and on throughout my whole life.

This one time while me and other people were being examined by the space people, we landed in an area near a farm.

There were cows and chickens around in the barnyard.

There was a couple of cows that were near the woods but in the pasture that didn’t go back for the night.

The space people made us go out with them to watch I guess.

They had something like a gun. And aimed it at the cows. And the cows sort of went from standing to sudden scrambled meat. I threw up.

They somehow used a machine to levitate the meat into a door.

They did the same with chickens too.

We were levitated back into the ship and they washed us off because we had thrown up and had blood on us. We were naked during the whole flight.

After being cleaned they put our clothes on us.

We couldn’t move on our own. But were relaxed.

I was told the meat was for the people that go on longer flights. The ones that are being checked like doctors do. Like physicals. Everything inside and out of our bodies.

Some were being healed. That’s why they were on longer flights.

The meat was stored in clear containers that looked like glass and it was preserved a long time and stays fresh.

After my time was over. They took me back home and levitated me down to my house, through the roof and ceiling and back to my bed.

I cannot even cook meat and a lot of times have to psych myself into eating it. Sometimes I never eat it at all because of this experience.

Haunted Trails In Georgia

Several years ago, I think about 2007 or maybe earlier, I had a boyfriend that is full-blooded Seminole Indian.

He decided we would start hiking a trail that leads to the Ocmulgee River that runs from Jackson, GA, through our town which is Macon, GA and I think ends in the Atlantic Ocean in or near Savannah, GA.

Well, the name of this trail is the Hititchi Trail. It’s a 4 mile trail through rough land. And along a creek.
Very beautiful country.

This area was where the Seminole and other tribes in Florida were running and hid from the white man that was trying to get these tribes to go to Oklahoma.

They hid out in these woods.
So, at the time we started hiking, we didn’t know the history.

We were crossing logs and checking out the creek. Suddenly across the creek I hear movement in the leaves. Then my side vision catches the movement of a large animal. I slowly turned my head and there was an Indian chief sitting on a brown horse with white splotches and the man was sitting bareback. And he was facing towards the left of us. The other odd thing was he was surrounded by a fog. On our side there was no fog.
He saw us and pointed toward our destination.

We waved and continued on down the trail.

As we rounded a curve in the trail, there was an arched tree branch and it looked like a doorway.

We stopped and looked at each other and he raised his eyebrow in question. Should we or shouldn’t we? I nodded my head. Yes.

We walked slowly through the doorway cautiously and quietly, expecting something.

I saw them first. Touched his hand and his eyes wide open and both brows almost into his hair.

There were women and children, gathering and picking up nuts and berries while the women scraping bark.

They smiled and kept working.
The children ran to my boyfriend and hugged him, some held his hands and called him a name in their language. My boyfriend said, “What does that mean?” The youngest woman said, “Sacred One”.

There were about 7 children.
They came up to me also, patting my leg or hip. Calling me a name too, but I couldn’t get the English meaning, but I’ve heard that name in dreams most of my life.

Then the elder woman made a noise to the children and they all smiled at us and went back to work.

The elder women pointed down the path we were walking so we nodded our heads and went on down towards the river.

We stopped after we’ve walked maybe 2 miles and sat on a fallen tree and had our lunch and drank some water. Just resting and enjoyed the sounds around us and talked about what had happened.

After about 30 minutes, we started to continue our trek.

We were coming around a huge tree and heard flute music. And smelled smoke from a camp fire.

No one is allowed to have a fire in these woods but we smelled it.

The flute music was very sweet and relaxing. But still we couldn’t find where it was coming from.

As we continued, we heard people talking, like a camp. And the music was louder with a soft earth sound of drums.

We went around a sharp bend and we saw them. They were in a fog. They saw us and started shouting “Chosen One” in Seminole language. They were trying to beckon us over.

We did go, but we couldn’t get close because it seemed like a veil was in the way.

They wanted us to sit down with them. But we couldn’t.

So we sat on our side of the veil. They were smiling and talking to us. But we just smiled back. Because we had no idea what they were saying.

Then an Eagle shrilled and we looked up and it swooped down at us and its wing almost touch us.

We looked back toward the camp and it was gone.

Our que to leave.

We finished our trek back to the car and sat in it and was in awe.

We didn’t speak until we got home.

We did go back 3 times a week after that.

There were a lot more experiences we had.

Even I met my spirit wolf.
He was so cool.

But that’s another tale for another day.

Aliens Are Dangerous

Some people love aliens. But the people are in denial or are blinded.

Some seem friendly. They have been with me since my birth.

One is assigned to each being. To watch us and report to the head ones of our progress.

I was told by one of the ancient ones that I call “grandfather” because it seems like a grandfather to me, that they created us in a container the resembles a womb. Then when we are at the right size they pick a woman and place us inside.

These women have volunteered to carry us. A lot of times the babies are removed before birth and are raised by hybrid mothers in space or a spaceship that is very large.

Sometimes the volunteers want to keep the babies and give birth. Those babies have one alien assigned to them. A lot of the aliens are about the same age but a lot more advanced and follow the children into adulthood and on until death.

I’ve seen mine several times in life. He looks human a little. Lots of times he was a friend.

I haven’t seen him in years now but I’ve been with grandfather. It has an elongated head.

But not all aliens are good. They want to eat you. Don’t go looking for aliens. They are dangerous.