Writing A Book Is Sort Of Compicated

Writing a book is sort of complicated.

I have to create the characters. It’s like I’m writing more than one story. I am writing about the main subject.
Then about the main character and her life before she got where she is now.
Then write about her girlfriend and her life.
It’s complicated but very interesting.
I’m at a standstill at the moment trying to figure out where to add the main character’s background.
Some tell me to stop talking about the theme and get on with the character.
I recently talked to 3 people outside of my home that I didn’t know and they said they’d love to read about the theme. In fact they want to buy the book if I ever finished it.
That freaked me out. I never knew anyone that would really like my likes. I love camping rough and learning survival techniques. And here people actually like that, too.
I had never thought of selling the book. Just making it for myself.

May 24, 2020 Started Writing A Book

On May 24, 2020

Well, well, well. I’ve started writing. Yep, very unusual for me.

Lately I’ve been dreaming about stories. Writing them in my dreams.

Well today right before waking, a story had started and I decided to write it down.

It is about me. I’m younger, a different name, and different family.

In the dream I was lost and had been running from a bear.

I could feel it, smell the sweat, hear the noises and feel the weakness in my body and the pains from deep scratches.

I’ve wrote for 2 and a half hours. And I’m taking a break now.

I titled it Lost In Yellowstone National Park.

Guido’s Garden

Back in June 2020, I got fed up with being in the apartment over a week and I had to flee.

I was going out of town. My destination was to Metter, Georgia.

It’s a small town. They have a little garden there called Guido’s Garden.

Guido had a minute show on TV and he was the Sower of Seeds. He told little sermons.

Well he has a garden here that everything is based on the life of Jesus. Like a carpenter’s shop, a manger, a small chapel that is tall enough to actually walk in and sit. All his sermons are there for the taking.

Each place has something about Jesus and some are made with plants.

There is a gazebo to sit in and a pond with Koi fish.

There is music playing also.

It’s not very big and there’s places to rest along the way.

I’ve been trying to get there for a year and a half.

Well Sunday I was going to escape alone.

I never got out of town. It started raining.

No good to drive there. The garden is open, outdoors. Who wants to walk in the rain?

I drove around a few miles and came back. It wasn’t raining where I live.

When something happens while trying to go down the road, it usually means there is danger for me down that road.

The Divine Spirit protected me.

I’ll try another day.

Check out the website. https://www.exploregeorgia.org/metter/entertainment/tours/guido-gardens

Needed Someone To Live With Me

June 10, 2020

There are times in my older age that I wished someone could live with me. Especially at night.

When my body attacks me and I fight for my life, it scares me.

I do have a help button on my wrist but the bad thing about it is they call my elderly parents and scare them especially after midnight.

Last night was rough. I woke with stinging pain in my bladder and thighs. I was hot and sweating. My clothing and sheets were wet like someone poured water on me.

It was getting dark and I was getting weak and shaky.

Getting up I checked my blood glucose. It said 57 and dropping fast. Almost coma or death if I allowed to let it continue to drop.

First I crammed it 3 glucose tablets in my mouth and sucked hard to make moisture. I don’t wear my dentures at night. This makes it hard to chew.

It wasn’t working. Then I stumbled like a drunk to the kitchen and took two draws of honey in my mouth and swallowed it. Grabbed my left over supper and got that down.

Drunkenly I made it to bed. Drank some water to get everything down and laid down to wait for it to work or for death to come.

I did ask the gods and goddesses to help me.

I was passing out. Fainting. I tried to stay awake. Finally I started feeling slightly better. Then check my blood sugar and it was 130. Good number.

Then I gave in to sleep.

Bad thing about these extreme lows is how the body does. It gives me headaches in my temples and it makes me want to sleep longer than normal.

The other bad thing was trying to fight my cat. He wanted to be rubbed and for me to play with him. Trying to fight dying and fight off a pet is double hard.

Sure wished someone could live with me. Especially at night. I don’t want to go to a nursing home. I can’t get an aide either.

Don’t Make People Feel Less Intelligent or Ignorant

You know, just because a person is an adult doesn’t mean they know what you know or are a higher IQ as you or has had the same experiences as you have.

Please don’t make people feel less intelligent or ignorant and for not understanding something you say.

It hurts or embarrasses them just to ask what something is and most adults should know.

I hate when people tell me, “You’re an adult, you should know what ……is.”

No, that wasn’t said to me today. But a lot of times they do.

I treat people the way I’d want to be treated a lot of time and never put someone down if they don’t understand.

Be nice.

How Anna-Cheri Came To Be

Let me tell you a story about how Anna-Cheri´ came to be.

Anna-Cheri´ was created in 2001.

I had a dream that I had just moved to a college town.

This day I was walking on a sidewalk among many people. Across the street was the college.

Suddenly someone started calling the name Anna-Cheri´ and I thought that was the coolest name I’ve ever heard.

During this time I was Sherry Ann Mason.

I looked for anyone in the crowd that would respond, but no one did, yet the name kept on being called out.

Then I saw a group of people looking at me and coming across the road.

The guy in lead came up to me and lightly hit my head. He said, “Anna-Cheri´ you act like you don’t know your name.” Then he said, “We’re going to the Java house, come with us.”

I then said okay. I had no clue who they thought I was, but heck, I might as well go. They sounded like a delightful bunch. And some of them put their arms over my shoulders like we were all pals. There were about 12 of them.

That’s how Anna-Cheri´ Mason came to be.

Anna-Cheri Mason is my pen name for my books I’m writing.

Protecting Your Children

You that father children, whether you are male or female. You try to protect your little girls until it’s time to marry. Especially if they want to marry a male. And you teach them to abstain from sex until their wedding day because it makes that day special. Is that right?

And you try to protect your boys and tell them the same thing. Right?

Why protect your girls up until you hand them to the boys to be brutally abused? And why tell your boys to have at it anyway they want because the girls are now their property?

My mom told me not to have sex (which I didn’t know what that was) until I got married.

My dad protected me since birth the best he could.

My mom shows me a scientific explanation of what sex was, and she wouldn’t sit down and talk to me.

After reading half the night I was scared and told her I didn’t want to get married if that’s what marriage was.

Mom told me if I want sex, I have to marry a guy. Also she told me that no matter how I feel, that I had to let him have sex with me. I had no say so in the marriage.

I was shoved into the marriage.

My husband wasn’t gentle with me.
He ripped off my nice clothes my mother spent a lot of money for.

He forced himself on me like a manic and raped me while I was screaming and crying.

He ripped my insides and from my hole up to above my bladder and from my hole up past my anus (butt hole). There was blood all over us and the bed was saturated like there was a murder. He poked me over and over for hours even after I fainted.

I woke and he was still at it.

I then wished I had died.

I almost did because of losing so much blood.

The next day he gave me a break.
Then the rest of the week he raped me with no mercy.

He said I had to get used to it. I was now his property and I had to obey him.

Now. Why do you hand your daughter over to a raper?

I did eventually get out of the marriage. But mom said I had to marry if I wanted sex.

I love sex, yes, but I’m sure there are other ways to do it in a softer and safer way. Men aren’t always in charge.

Teach your boys to have respect for the gentler sex. Be patient. Love them like they loved their first car, truck, motorcycle, ect.

Treat them like they are the queen of their hearts. They aren’t a piece of property.

They are the other half of their hearts. Make love to them not sex. There is a difference.

Teach your girls how to protect themselves like learning martial arts. They don’t have to lay there a be brutally abused.

Teach them how to be gentle with their husbands and to love them because they are the other half of their hearts.

And if they are being treated bad leave them because the men that are like that can apologize 100 times but they won’t change.

And tell them ways to have sex without a man.

Don’t teach your daughters that men have to take care of them.

Teach them to take care of their own selves.



A lot of times writing words is very good when trying to explain events or testimonies of a crime scene and such as those examples.

But other times WORDS are not good when trying to communicate to each other without looking each other in the eyes, face and body movements.

A person can be trying to explain what their intentions are to a friend in a good way.

But others seeing your message would take it as a threat or they think the person is mad with them.

Without facial movement or body language the other person can stop being a friend or a partner in business and maybe even want to get divorces. There is media online that causes us to do such as that.

The lack of the knowledge of writing a sentence without the proper punctuation can be one of the problems.

I’ve had a lot of people mad with me because they don’t know how to read proper writings or don’t take out the time to look at the words.

The majority of our time, we are in too much a hurry to pay attention to our loved ones or job partners.

We need to slow down, take a slow breath and slowly let it out. Then put all your thoughts of the day out of your mind and hone in to the message you to be hurtful.

If the person wanted to hurt you they would have not sent you a message in a normal writing, but would use capital letters with exclamation marks and ugly words.


We can’t live without them

Yet sometimes we would want to

Live without them other times.

We need to go back to school and learn how to write

So we can get along with each other.

I Think I Might Have Lost My Wife

She always ask me if I talked to my two closest lesbian friends about something

I do sometimes. Especially about lesbian relationships.

My soon-to-be wife has a lot of pets. I don’t want her to be rid of them. They are her children.

I can’t be around so many because of the confusion.

I didn’t know what to do. Like how do I approach her without hurting her.

So I asked my friends. Actually I asked one of them.

She told me the best thing to do is just tell my wife. I thanked her.

Now I’ve told my wife the problem. Told her I talked to my friend like she always asked me if I talk to them.

She doesn’t like me to talk to them but talk to her.

I was scared.

Now I’m getting mixed messages. First was to talk to them. Now not to talk to them.

I hope I haven’t lost her but the way she said it sounded like I might have.

I hope not.