“When To Capitalize Dad, Mom, And Other Family Titles”

“When To Capitalize Dad, Mom, And Other Family Titles”

It’s natural to want to give family members all the honors—after all, in our lives, they are some of the most important people. But are their titles capitalized? Is it proper to address mom as Mom or refer to your favorite aunt as Aunt Viv?

Should family member titles be capitalized?

As with most rules of capitalization, there are instances in which you both capitalize family titles and ones in which you don’t. But the rules are fairly easy to memorize.

When to capitalize family member titles

You should capitalize family member titles when addressing your own relatives: hello, Mother. A good rule to follow is to capitalize them if they are used as proper nouns, as in the previous example. The word Mother is a proper noun standing in for the mother’s name.

Family member titles are also capitalized when used before a family member’s name: I invited Uncle Chet to the baseball game. In this case, this is not a direct address.

Examples of family member titles capitalized

°Hey, Mom, where’s the remote control?
°Dad, I’m going to the store now.
°Grandma, are you joining us for dinner tonight?
°Daniel will finally meet Uncle Maurice at the family reunion.

When not to capitalize family member titles

If used as common nouns, don’t capitalize, as in: We honor all mothers in May. In other words, capitalize words such as Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather, Son, Daughter, and Sis when they are used in place of the person’s name. Do not capitalize them when they follow possessive pronouns such as her, his, my, our, your.

Examples of family member titles not capitalized

°Margo and her mom are going to the museum.
°My brother is visiting from Chicago until Sunday.
°Several fathers volunteered to help clean up the playground.
°The children interviewed their grandparents for a class assignment.

So go ahead and capitalize the names of those important family members in your life, but remember not to capitalize when using a possessive pronoun.

Enveloped In A Kiss by Val’s Whitewolf Media, my wife

As I drove past ancient cemeteries,

Steeples caressing the sky,

Twisting and turning,

Iowa county road,

The earth matched the lavender sky,

Laced seamlessly snow to sky,

Perfect harmony,

The Orange enveloped the heavens,

Like a heavenly hand played a part,

As the sunset,

My baby blues caught a glimpse,

Feelings of bliss,

Just like enveloped in the arms of my love,

Blessed by her kiss,

Torn Between Two Loves

It’s so hard to leave.

I have a very close friend and a partner.

I’ve known my best friend for 6 years.

My partner I have known 6 months.

My best friend is so close to me that we’re like sisters but even closer.

I’m in love with my newest friend and plan to go live with her almost 800 miles away.

My best friend stays here. I’m her closest and really only friend and she needs me.

I cry because I don’t want to leave her.

She cries because I’m leaving her. She will be lost without me.

Then there is my partner. She wants me to live with her. She needs me too. We have a lot of plans to do in our few remaining years.

I cry out that I can’t have both of them with me.

My best friend says it’s too cold where I’m going and prices are too high. And we’d have to go a long way out of town to stores and doctors and other businesses. She doesn’t like that.

She wants my partner to live in the south closer to us.

I’d like that, but my partner owns property and is paying on it. She can’t go anywhere until it is completely paid off.

Then we might not go south but further north.

Oh my gosh!

My heart is torn between my two loves.

It aches because I can’t have both.

Why is it like that?

Why do people say we can’t have both? Why?

Why do we have to take one and leave the other?

It’s not fair!

Lone Wolf

The lone wolf stands on the edge of the forest watching her pack play.

The oldest leaders are surrounded by their older cubs that are almost into adulthood.

They play with the pack, jumping and tumbling all together.

Then later the old female leader is grooming her mate. She is the alpha now because the male is weary, old and almost blind.

Lone Wolf’s siblings are sitting together and playing a game with a stick, pulling back and forth, trying to pull it out of the other’s teeth.

The youngest is solid black and she’s the trickster.

The next to oldest is golden as a lion and she’s next in line to be the leader of the pack.

Father is gray and black. Lots of scares on him.

Mother is brown and golden with streaks of gray with a black crown shape above her eyes.

Lone Wolf is black, brown and slate gray with golden eyes

She’s not part of her blood pack because her ideas are not accepted because she’s different.

Lone Wolf is the name her family gave her when the golden cub was born after her.

She tried to run into the pack to play with them or to love on her leaders but everytime they jump on her and bite her and run her out.

So Lone Wolf watches from a distance craving for the love of her blood pack.

Many a night she trots up to the highest peak that overlooks the valley below where her pack is. Listening and yearning to be with them.

She looks at the stars that are her ancestors and howls her lonely call for them to hear her and help her find where she now belongs.

She feels alone and unworthy. Yet inside she feels she has a reason to be alive.

She knows she’s destined for something more. But cannot find it nor know how to begin.

Lone Wolf heard another wolf in the distant peaks on the other side the other night.

It was a long and sad howl and she could barely hear it, but the howl was there.

Lone Wolf decided to start following the wolf’s song every night.

She’d try to tell her pack this today but they told her she was crazy to leave and she was making a mistake.

They told her she needed to stay around, but not with them.

Lone Wolf cried when they bit her and beat her up. She dragged herself back to the edge of the forest and under her bush.

She licked her bites and clawed skin and fell asleep as her tears ran down her jaw cheeks.

Her heart hurt worse than her injuries.

She decided she’d leave after she climbed to her highest peak and howled her song towards the distant peaks.

If the lonely wolf called back, she will run toward it and keep running every night until she found her new wolf friend.

To be continued…

Narcissists Cannot Accept Apologies

Even though I know I wasn’t wrong for telling my friends what is being done to me, I decided to lower myself and apologize to bring peace by writing a letter to a narcissistic person in charge of a large retirement home full of seniors that are age 62 years old and up.

Peace is always my main goal in everything.

Even if I have to lower myself to the ground to ask forgiveness.

Narcissists cannot forgive. Narcissists love people to lower themselves so they can put their foot on our heads and press them so deep in the dirt that our head is under it.

That brings great happiness to watch us peacemakers wiggle and struggle for air.

Peacemakers can’t win peace with a narcissist.

Narcissists are like cats that like to play with its soon-to-be food.

The cats bat the meal around, throw it in the air, chew on it until it’s almost dead, then walks away.

Sometimes they decide to eat it at the last minute when the meal starts to take its last breath.

Other times the cat maime’s it and let it free to walk away. It can hide but never heals.

Then a few days later, the cat starts the same thing over. The meal’s life is destroyed in so many ways.

The cat continues until the meal gives up and stops fighting and all of its life is no more. It dies.

A narcissist doesn’t give in to apologies. This one has a grudge and will keep on until the peacemaker is dead, in prison or homeless and still after any of the situations are done, the narcissist will go after the person’s family members and friends, never stopping until dead.

Narcissists will carry a grudge even to death and beyond.

I tried.

Peace did not win.

I closed the door and turn my back to it, dust my feet off and walked away.

Never to look back.

Night In The Hood, Cat’s Prowl by Val’s Whitewolf Media

Out there!

This side of no where!

Out there northern Iowa,

This side of the corn field,


Jumping, High five,


The hood’s alive,

Yesterday I say it breathe to life,

In my head I heard ‘West Side Story’,

Cool, crisp January day,

Things are hopping,

The hood’s alive,

Stopping upon my porch,

Nibble of kibble,

Quasqueton oldest,

Baddest town in Buchanan County,

Ask the gang who prowl here,

Strutting their stuff they will tell you its the cats Purrr – fect hang out,

Come and join in have a sniff of cat nip,


How To Relax From A Hectic Environment

This is an exercise I’ve done to help relax from a hectic environment.

Take a automatic pencil and a tablet of paper to a quiet place outside.

If possible, spread a piece of cloth on the ground and lean against a tree.

If that’s not possible, sit in a camp chair.

Then listen to the natural sounds around you.

Start writing what you hear. Write what it is if you know it. Like: cardinal, fox, bullfrog.

If you’re not sure, write: bird, animal, frog. Or write what it sounded like or IDK (I Don’t Know).

When you think you are through, take a deep breath. Hold it and then slowly let it out.

Drink some water and relax.

Then start listening some more.

What else do you hear?

Tree creaking? Leaves rustling? Trickle of water somewhere? Knocking?

Write it down.

Spend at least 30 minutes a day. Up to an hour.

This is a great way to get in tune with nature, forget about your everyday life with business and family and world events and troubles.

It’s fun to do it at night too. Helps you to sleep more peaceful.

10 Beginner Tarot Mistakes to Avoid

10 Beginner Tarot Mistakes to Avoid

As a beginner Tarot reader, it can be hard to know where to start. The deck feels overwhelming and there are a million different spreads you can use. How are you supposed to know where to begin?

I struggled to learn Tarot for many years. It felt like such an uphill battle to memorize the cards, and then I struggled to give intuitive readings, to use large spreads, etc. Along the way, I learned some valuable tips and saw the areas where I wasted a lot of time as a beginner.

I did almost every single one of these 10 things that I recommend not doing, so I’m here to share them with you today. Avoiding these super common mistakes will make the process of learning Tarot so much easier!

1. Reading With the Whole Deck at Once

When you first start out, there’s just no way that you can know the meaning of every card in the deck. No matter how much you study them, the definitions will fly right out of your head when you’re actually looking at a spread right in front of you.

Instead, I recommend starting with the Major Arcana. Once you’ve done plenty of readings with just these cards (and almost any reading will be accurate even using only these cards!) switch to the Minor Arcana. Once you’ve mastered those, switch to the Court Cards.

Even if this takes you many months (it took me about 3 months to learn the Major Arcana alone, but only a few weeks to learn the Court Cards – it depends on how well you practice and how easily the information sticks), it’s worth it because you will actually learn them. You definitely don’t want to be stuck looking up every definition in a year, and this is the best way to deepen your study and to go from beginner to intermediate to advanced.

2. Not Reading Reversals

Right off the bat, I recommend reading reversals. They are so, so, so important both literally and metaphorically!

It does complicate things a bit, but I think it’s much more complicated to start off not reading them and add reversals in later. I recommend starting with only one section of the deck (typically the Major Arcana) and reading the cards both upright and reversed.

There are plenty of online websites where you can find the definitions for both versions of the card. The reversed cards offer some perspectives that just aren’t available when you only read the cards upright, so I would 100% start that sooner rather than later.

3. Asking Yes/No Questions

While you technically can use your Tarot deck to ask yes/no questions, it isn’t really worth your time. First of all, you probably won’t get a very good reading. You’ll get hung up on the actual answer (is it yes or no?) and will focus less on what the cards are actually telling you to do and why. The Tarot deck is very good at giving advice for soul growth, but this can’t always be summed up in a yes/no answer.

Secondly, while experienced Tarot readers can usually tell what the outcome will be, it’s very difficult for beginners to clearly determine if the deck is saying yes or no, especially if they’re emotionally attached to the outcome. For these types of questions, you’re much better off using a pendulum.

4. Asking Time Sensitive Questions

Similar to yes/no questions, time sensitive questions are really hard for beginners to read accurately. These types of questions are best left to the experienced Tarot reader. Keep time sensitive questions in the back of your head as you get more experienced, but focus on the general meanings of the cards for now.

If this is something you want to learn, then I recommend getting some in-depth books on it. It’s much more complicated than you’re lead to believe by beginner Tarot blogs, and it’s really easy to misinterpret the timing of a spread. This can cause a lot of damage, so you want to be very careful if you do decide to pursue learning about timing readings.

If you see something in a spread that feels like it may be time-related, then by all means read it that way, but I recommend not asking time-related questions outright as a beginner.

5. Ignoring the Link Between Tarot and the Elements

This is something that many Tarot readers do, whether they’re beginners or not.

Each Tarot card corresponds to at least one element. If you study astrology or witchcraft, then you know that elements are extremely important in spiritual work, and Tarot readings are no exception.

Look up a brief list of what element corresponds to what card and why, and try to incorporate the flavor, meaning, and intent of the element into every single reading. I promise, it will make the readings so much better!

6. Using Too Large Of a Spread

For some reason, I see a lot of beginners try to use the Celtic Cross spread. Don’t get me wrong: this is a great spread to have up your sleeve at some point, but it’s also insanely difficult to use when you’re just learning the cards. When reading the Celtic Cross spread, you have to know the cards inside and out and be able to quickly intuit how they fit together.

Beginners and even intermediate Tarot students are far better off using a three card spread because they’re complex enough to get a great reading but are simple to do if you’re still learning the cards or are even still learning how to intuit the cards together in a spread.

7. Using Only Memorization

Learning Tarot means doing quite a bit of memorization. Every student comes to realize this, but there’s a point when you need to combine your memorization of the cards with intuition. Without your intuition, a reading will only have half the power it could.

Once you get even a section of the deck memorized, practice reading with your intuition during your sessions. For example, after laying down a three card spread, look at what the cards actually mean, then use your intuition to broaden those meanings and see how they fit together. Look to the metaphors and pay close attention to any words, phrases, or images that pop into your head out of nowhere.

Learning to read with intuition takes a lifetime of practice, but it’s something that I recommend starting almost right away. You can even begin at the very beginning by looking up the meaning of a card online then trying to read it intuitively, and reversing the order of these steps for the next card.

8. Using Only Intuition

On the flip side, you do need to learn the meanings of the cards. Some beginner Tarot readers try to interpret every reading because they don’t want to do the research. Just like you’re missing out when you ignore your intuition, you’ll lose a huge part of the reading without actually looking up the significance of the cards.

Believe me, I know how hard it is to memorize every single card! I actually don’t recommend learning them in flashcard form; learning while doing is better.

9. Drawing Many Extra Cards as Clarifiers

If you can’t understand a reading, it’s probably because you haven’t figured it out yet. Don’t fall into the trap of drawing multiple cards as clarifiers. If you do need one clarifier, that’s fine, but if it doesn’t help you figure it out, then you need to sit down and do some serious research on the cards you already have.

Drawing too many clarifiers quickly muddies the water and creates a lot of frustration. It’s an easy trap that we all fall into, but I recommend buckling down and working with the cards you already have until you get it.

Alternatively, don’t do multiple readings on the same topic. Your first reading is the one that will be accurate!

10. Deciding That the Reading Isn’t Accurate

Let’s say you lay down a spread and look up all of the definitions. You double check, and even try to use your intuition a bit, but you just can’t seem to make the cards fit. Is the reading wrong?

Most Tarot readers will tell you that the cards never lie, and they’re correct. There is one exception. If you knew that you shouldn’t ask a question and asked it anyways, then you may not get the answer you’re looking for.

For example, you might ask if your partner is cheating on you, and get a reading all about self-love. You could easily think that the cards are wrong, or that you did it wrong, or that your spirit guides aren’t listening, but all of those assumptions are incorrect. The cards never lie, but they don’t always give you the answer you want. In this case, your sprit guides would be giving you the answer they believe you need.

There is always an explanation for why you got certain cards; it’s up to you to find it. When you’re confused, look first to the elements. How do the elements of the cards fit into the spread and help to answer the question?

Look also to what pops into your head. A card might not theoretically fit, but the picture or word on the card might have some significant association to you that other readers wouldn’t understand. Your spirit guides know this, and they’re using this card in a different way because you’re the one doing the reading.

When in doubt, write down what you got and keep working on it. Sometimes it helps to go back later, but I always find that with enough effort, I’m able to see exactly why I got specific cards and just how important they are.

I hope these tips will help you avoid the most distracting beginner Tarot mistakes! Just remember that it’s always okay to make mistakes because this is how we learn. Happy Tarot practice!

by teaandrosemary2

Elder Abuse

Age 68 1/2 years old.

Told truth of elderly abuse of seniors at a retirement home to “friends”.

Two “friends” reported to abuser

68 year old threatened and harassed for telling lies and spreading rumors

68 year old was not telling lies nor spreading rumors

They were based on actions done to 68 yr old or to neighbors in front of the 68 yr old.

No rumors of other neighbors

Now abuser threatened to hurt the 68 yr old more than was done

Especially if the person talks to other people

68 year old talked about another subject to friend neighbor

Abuser screamed at person like a dog in front of the public

Thought the person was telling lies about abuser and the person wasn’t

If caught talking to people, may put in jail or prevent entrance to other retirement homes

68 year old was told they are being investigated in all media.

YouTube, WordPress, Facebook, Messenger

Person not sure if the threat is real or not

Was told broke a lot of rules and the law

Was not told what rules was broken

Sounds fishy because no papers were served

Adviser suggested to delete Facebook, Messenger, WordPress, and YouTube

Person deleted Facebook. Now misses friends.

Feels alone. Sad without friends

Family says stay away from abuser

Don’t talk to them

Person can’t stay away because they are everywhere in building

Person gets tired of hiding, only coming out after midnight

So not to run into neighbors or abuser

Person decides to go home soon

Family says no. Stay and make friends

Sibling scolds 68 year old because in serious trouble

If the person knew telling the truth to friends was a crime

Wouldn’t have reached out for help of elder abuse and gaslighting

People cannot make friends with a bully, narcissist, gaslighter, person with a grudge

Friends say stay, wait 2 months more,

Family says stay, make friends with abuser

Person being scolded by younger sibling, family, friends and abuser

Person wants to leave

Wants to be with significant other

Wants to make peace with all

Not make friends sad, not make family sad

Not make significant other sad

Not make person sad

Being pulled in 4 directions

About to have a mental breakdown

Almost wished not to have been born

Person has never had own life

Always was controlled to do other’s ways

Not the person’s way

Always threatened/harassed

Now at 68 not grown up yet to be themself

Parents say when grown up then you can do what you want

Live as you want

Person’s 68. Still not grown up according to parent

Asked parent, “when am I old enough to be grown up?”

Never was allowed to grow up.

Everyone is pulling the rug out from under feet

Say stay down. Don’t get up

Can’t stay 2 more months because

Will end up being caught saying Hi to a neighbor

Out will the person go Living in car with pet

Or be put in jail

Person wants to go Family says you’re making a mistake

Person has few more years to live and experience life to the fullest

Making mistakes are good

Learning from mistakes makes one wiser

Please let the 68 yr old go! Person will end up commiting suicide if can’t leave, get away from elder abuser and go be with the one the person loves

Abuser cannot be touched

It’s a crime to tell the truth

Liars go free.

Elders are allowed to live to be pounded on to let the younger people get their energy and frustration out

Pounding elders makes younger people feel they are powerful.

Elders’ lives matter. Without the wisdom of elders the world wouldn’t be better.

Yellie Face by Val Whitewolf Heike

How do you share the damage you suffered,

The pain you bleed,

Lies told by a family member to steal your mom against her will from her home.

How do you share the trauma you and your mom felt bullied,

The emotions errupting in you when those you love refused to see you just the lies spread?

How do you share what it felt when your five married half sister stuck her fist in your eightt-seven year old moms face and Yelled at the top of her lungs ‘YOU HAVE NOTHING OF VALUE! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO HAVE DOORS THAT LOCK!’

How do you share that when tbe memory of that October night burns like accid in your gut from two fourteen!

How do you ever make up for not murdering your half sister Diana Lee Heike Dudley for that horror you and your mom endured, {after her nearly three years of the seventy phone calls a week britalizing your best friend and mom. Diana tried to Gaslight mom to moving to Granbury,Texas.}

How do you carry recalling everyday hearing your mom Marian D. Heike telling Diana ten times daily ‘No, I’m not leaving my home and my family to live with you!’

And after every single call mom so emotional another Empath like me and her mom crying saying’ Why doesn’t she get it she’s not my mom!’

The indignity of Diana in pages if lies to iowa human services the stupidest humans on the planet! Eating at Diana’s tet licking up her lies! September third my first day twenty twelve sitting my first class Luther College Psychology of Education.

Diana had two men simply walk on the back door at 405 2nd street N.E. Waukon Iowa 52172. Diana told them mom was bed ridden and left for hours at a time beaten witgout phone or food!

They yelled ‘Mary, Mary!’ Mom whose office was her den yelled back.’ My names not Mary, this is my home and you were not invited in! I suggest you leave!’ They said we heard you were beaten and not fed and had no phone! We’ll be back! Mom told me she told them they would not be invited in then either! I later learned in two fifteen that Diana told them to go see our supposed bedridden mom when I was gone or I’d hurt them to!’ I never harmed Anyone! But with Diana’s lies I lost my family and my good name! {Ellen Beth Heike Mathis my baby blood sister told me January two fifteen mom had threatened Diana if she Ever did this with human services again mom would remove Diana from moms will!}

After a lifetime of us leaving the back door open it was tbat September night the Heike’s started locking our door!

See mom got the mail, was a red hat lady, played bridge with the same group of ladies for forty years. In two twelve mom still drove to Spencer Iowa her home town to see her older sister ALONE! Mom was Never Bed ridden or beatten or not fed! The truth siezed to breathe near my older half sister unfit to breath moms air!

Mom found paper work telling mom of all of Diana’s lies accusing me of Elder Abuse.I learned about it in January two fifteen after Diana on December third drove to Waukon, Iowa parked walked in mom’s cat Rusty was always first cat out any open door. Diana hates cats! Rusty was that night her first victim. Diana wasn’t having mom keep her cat. Rusty was Diana’s second victim.

According to the pages of paperwork and her lies Dad beat mom and I couldn’t hardly wait for his death so I could beat mom! My dad never laid a hand on mom. Diana’s dad was the wife beater.

Mom divorced Diana’s dad when Diana was two and a half! Her son and grandson have records of wife beating! Diana had it simple get rid of moms cat, Gay daughter who always was there for mom, and moms home!

That’s what narcississ do strip people of our links in order to control us! Diana lite a fire in our laundryroom, in the electrick drier.

Electrick driers are responsible for two percent of America household fires. Out of the five smoke alarms only one that went off was in the cellar. Only one! State farm did not investigate our arson! No one asjed any questions.

I died twice that night! You think I have no reason to be made. The smoke alarm in the laundry room, moms bedrom other side of laundry alcove, the smoke alarm at top of stars I changed all those batteries! Only one smoke alarm to have gone off was top of stairway to basement!

The smoke had to go under crawlspace under bathroom to get to that one in basement. Smoke alarms do not go off with a fire! Mom and I in the den were watching a new show called Stalkers!

It was ten of three when alarm went off night after Father Jo from Saint Patricks Catholic Church had come and talked about how to keep mom safe!

Father said ‘Add Val to power of attorney!’ Diana had worked nearly three years since her last failed marriage to force mom from our home!

Diana knew with the first phone call that we had had a visitor and what he had said.

I gave human service of Iowa polk county judge sixteen pages of tears if abuse dumped on mom and me. Nothing was done. Funny how people willingly believe lies but the horror of the truthfalls on dead ears. Why is that?

Dad gave mom his mom’s wedding band a ring that should go to Daniel or Craig Mathis of Waukon, Iowa. A ring so valuable Mike Ferring son of William and Karen Ferring of Waukon, Iowa, Mike’s daughter found it in a house Diana sold for thirteen thousand twelve thousand less its value. Mike had it appraised and tried to sell it back to mom.

Mom had known Mike since he was four. Guess he thinks like Diana No means in time sure! Mike had told mom any values he’d return to mom. Guess that means as long as no diamonds.

Diana more then likely by January fourteenth has sold my grandma’s ring.

After five years of mom sleeping to death with two Codine packs a week on our diabetic eighty plus mom a Massive stroke took my best friend and mom Diana stopped me being able to talk to mom May two eighteen.

Mom was granted escape with a massive stroke June third. December two fifteen mom gave up Diana had lied enough said I wrote malicious lies about mom! Diana thought she won at last writting me out of moms will’!

Mom won! Mom Never removed me from two life insurance policies, Decorah Bank trust or an Annuity! Diana wrote moms will! What mom signed ws diana’s goal all the time ownership of Cub Lake.

Daniel and Craig it was our grandad that bought the property in the nineteen thirties for five grand. A man when in nineteen fifty six when your grandad took his new wife and her daughter to Shawno, Wisconsin to meet his family.

Norm and Wava were expecting their fifth child so were unable to travel to Iowa for the wedding. Diana fills up a room thinks no one’s better then her. Raised by moms parents while mom worked in Des Moines, Iowa. So Diana told mom grandpa had sexually touched her. This was nineteen fifty-six not the age of MTV.

Grandpa had ten grandchildren by now. Raised three children pretty much alone. Retired veteran if World War I, served in France was a first sargent in tbe medical corps.

I’m sure that wasn’t Diana’s first lie like trump foul mouth liar! With that one lie at eight years old we were not allowed to spent time with dad’s dad then he was dead.

There were years of lies all got her what she wanted. The will states non of my decendants will ever get Cub Lake its in Sawyer County. Northern Wisconsin, I broke that will. My decendants are my two nephews Dan and Craig Mathis and in the Spring twenty twenty one, Sherry ,

In June twenty nineteen when I took Ellen a box of books and had planned to spend the day. My biggest reader was at Ellens in a motor home owned by my nephew the then used car sales man. Diana called the sherriff department of Allamakee. So I left!

See in Iowa innocent get no voice. Be innocent falsely charged with harming your mom be gay, disablied no cares about the trueth. How odd in Georgia its the same bullied lied about, Gay, Survivor of stroke, with ausburger borderline syndrom, Harrassed elderly, no voice!

Pain Etched into my spirit.

I will never Ever forget Diana’s words that day in December two fourteen ‘No one cares about the trueth! Theres no story here!’

Diana is wrong still. Four bodies laid at her feet as well as four of my cats. Theodore, Miss Lucky, Lucky boy and Patches.{Someone had tossed his body in a cat box like trash. Patches came to me in the spring that year. Patches had only one eye took me six months before I could hold him. Last I saw Patches he went to the cellar when I opened the door to turn off smoke alarm.}

The day Pat and I were finally allowed into the house to get stuff out. House had been condemmed a total loss by State Farm. Diana had made it a party at the house and my expense. Randy Andy Lovitt my aunts disappointment if a younger son was there. Funny he use to be my favorite cousin on moms side of family. There was a tall box in middle of the room. I had not been raised thinking what was not mine open anyway. Randy Andy picked it up to toss it into the green bin by our home.

Dan said Val did you look in the box yet? Dan’s my Godson but I think that is as without value to him as the love and care I took with him all his life. “Randy Andy says she doesn’t deserve to look in there. Hoisted it up and tossed it into the green bin. Like trash it was our firfamily! Ellen had told me me she had planned to bury them. When Ellen told that to Diana, Diana simply said well their buried now. Diana snapped Rusty’s neck thats how moms cat died.

Ellens inner sadness was too much for her. Wasn’t allowed to keep mom,wasn’t allowed to come forward for me her only blood sister falsely accused of elder abuse! Theres only so much pain you can hold. The last straw for Ellen came after Diana’s last visit empting moms bank account at Waukon State Bank!

Ellen died at fifty-nine October twenty-nine at fifty-nine. There went our growing old together and being the Heike girls again. No more holding Mela Ellens grand daughter, mom preceeded Ellen by four months. Mom and dad and grandma and her Brandies and her eldest son came for my baby sister.

I hope lifes like one of my favorite writers that the evil you commit in life builds the change my half sister carries for all eternity!

Murdered her family and their pets. Boomer also is with Ellen. I can hardly wait to again play rummy with mom and Ellen and sit at Cub Lake have a beer.