A Curious Thing Happened Twice

Last Saturday a week ago. I brought with me some cat treats. My cat, Sammy’s favorite. “Temptations” Dairy flavored.

I gave some that was in a large plastic container to the other cats that belonged to my partner.

Then I put them up on the countertop with another container of Sammy’s food.

The next day the container with the treats was gone.

I looked everywhere. They were nowhere in the house. Gone!

So, after a week my partner bought more. A medium bag for $3.95. That was yesterday on Tuesday, March 2nd 2021.

Before bed I put the container under a heavy dish rack so it couldn’t topple over.

This morning, Wednesday. I was going to give treats to all 5 cats. The container of treats was not there. In it’s place was Sammy’s cat food. And on the counter was an empty container. The one I had the treats in with the lid on it.

If the cats eat them, how did they put the lid back on?

Cats can knock them down and the treats would fall out, but cats can’t set the now emptied container upright and put the lid on. That’s impossible!

Where are they? Ghosts you think? Or someone came in and snuck them the treats?

Doesn’t make sense.

We have a mystery. Where’s Sherlock Holms or Monk?

No Longer Like Life

I no longer like arts and crafts.
I no longer like playing musical instruments.
I no longer want to be intelligent.
I no longer want to help people.
I only love my family and friends. And I’m beginning to be afraid to love any persons that used to be close to me.
I can’t live with people.
I’m better with talking on the phone but not living together all the time.
I hate life now. Life isn’t fun now.
Life was fine as travelers but not living in a home together.
I have a hard time adjusting to another person if living with the person. Changing my ways to adjust is too hard.
I’m not good at being like the other so to keep peace.
I hate living. I hate life.
I hate me because me can’t be me.
If I used to love anything. That thing is pushed in my face and is going overboard made to do things I am not interested in.
What I used to love or talents I had, I hate now.

Sweet Sammy Is A Bully Now

Since living with Val and her 4 cat children Sammy became a fighter. He had always been a sweet cat and never fought another animal. Yes he swatted my friend’s little dog hind leg but never with his claws out. He liked the little dog and wanted to play with her.

Now from constant hissing and growling from the 4 cat kids at him since he moved here I guess he snapped and figured it’s what cats do.

He tried to protect me one time because the older cat was growling at me so I shot him with water to calm him down and the older cat ran off while Sammy took off after him and started growling back.

During the night while me and Sammy slept together and wasn’t bothering the older cat nor the other cats. Several times while we slept each cat passed by started hissing at us and the older cat walks up and growled and hissed at him. Sammy looks at me with sad eyes then lays his head back down and we go back to sleep.

Neither one of us got much sleep from the constant hissing, spitting and growling all night long from the whole fur family.

Then there was a spat going on in the hall. I didn’t see what was going on but Val sounded like she was trying to break up the growling and the older cat runs off and Sammy took off after him. It’s a natural thing for cats to run after another running cat. But Sammy got in trouble for doing something to the old cat.

I guess he has turned into a bully. My sweet cat is no longer sweet around bully cats. I would become a bully too if I’m constantly being screamed at for not doing anything to the other bullies.

“I’ll Take Care Of You”

Me: Need to give money to pay rent. Can pay $250. So if I don’t pay then I will have no income.

Other: Don’t give rent. Pay utility bill. “I’ll take care of you.” Don’t worry.

Me: Spent two years trying to get SSDI. Social Security Disability Income because I can’t work fast enough for the work force plus I permanently have a lower back injury which prevents me to do normal work.

Now I have Social Security because I’m over 65.

Other: Need to be self-sufficient not government-sufficent.

I’ll work and you make things to sell. “I’ll take care of you”.

Me age 68. Be 69 in June.
Other age 62. Be 63 in March. Other will take care of me.

Me: Without no SSDI, no medical help. No medicine help. Medicine is too high to buy for an elder that is retired. Doctor visits are too high to see for an elder that can’t work and is retired.

Other: “I’ll take care of you”.

Me: I like to have my money I worked hard to get. I like buying my own things. I like being independent. With SSDI I can get food. But the food has to be for me to eat. If Family and Children Services finds out that others are eating foods that they provided just for me, I would lose them and never get more.

If other doesn’t like to depend on the government, why eat government issued food for individuals. Other needs to apply for their own.

I don’t like breaking the law. I have in the past but wasn’t aware that I did by someone telling me what I had done.

I don’t mind sharing but I’m breaking the law.

Other: “I’ll take care of you” we’ll go to food banks.

Me: Not a good one to depend on others. Like my freedom to buy my own things, like my own things, not depend on others to buy for me. If I can’t be my own person and do as I please, I don’t want to live because to me that’s a type of prison. I despise people that try to control me or make me a baby not being able to be an adult and make my on decisions.

Other: “Don’t worry about anything. I’ll take care of you”.

Me: What if something happens to the other? After depending on being took care of without no income anymore? I’ll have no help. Sleep in the cold or heat. No food. No power. No nothing. Can not get SSDI again. Might as well die.

Other: Don’t think of ‘what if’s’, don’t have a back-up plan. Don’t think anything will happen to me. Nothing will happen.

Me: I can’t live like that. I can’t depend on Other. Either I be independent or I leave. I want to be independent plus government dependent. I worked and earned the money in the past I deserve the money I get. I deserve to spend my money.

No! “I’ll Take Care Of Me!”

CONTROL by Val’s Whitewolf Media

“Control” by Val’s Whitewolf Media

Government, funny how it seems since March in the year twenty-twenty, America has slid sideways into a different universe where the government controls all! Do you feel me! What if the new drug that is or has been hardly tested is deadly?

We have all seen drugs on the market before like ‘Yaz!’ Appeared was inoculated into young women as a contraceptive only that was not exactly what it did. Bingo Bango the ambulance chasers were on late night TV. {{If you used ‘Yaz’ and suffered a list of horrible side effects you could qualify for some of the lets say seventy million being awarded!}}

Where are the stat’s! I heard that in Britian they will be mixing two drugs together. How is that going to help!





Watch: What to expect when you’re injected: Vaccine side effects explained


You Have A Deadline

Say you have a deadline.

And you have 2 weeks.

Someone tells you that you have to stay home because it’s going to be raining.

You have a deadline.

Everything has to be ready by that last day.

Do you stay home and do nothing because of rain

You have a deadline.

No matter of rain or snow you have to get everything ready


What if you listen to everyone’s advice?

What happens if you don’t meet your deadline?

Money goes down the drain.

Thousands of dollars go down the drain.

Will your friend pay all that money back?

I doubt it.


Kitty Day Care by My Wife Val’s Whitewolf Media

Boy could I use a kitty day care,

No more watching the Packers playing ball with Sophie tapping players on the field,

No more me yelling ’Nooooo!, Stop that! Don’t climb the curtain!,

Get outttt!’

Sophie and her sister leave and my Black cat enters the room.

I look away real fast,

Its quiet in the hall, then crash!

Now Mr Black’s sitting blocking my view.

We have nothing to brag on when it comes to kitty box skills,

No skill set, potty here,

Potty there!

I think kitties were smarter when I was younger,

My wife calls their activity due to being bored.

I want to shout ‘learn a skill!

Potting on all carpet by the walls, not a skill!

They are cute,


Three month old so teen agers,

Sherry said what I need was spray bottles.

I got two ,

Sherry got two for me,

The little dikens know I can not spray them around corners.

Now I’m all bundled up,

From our kitchen I hear them.

Its like the invasion of Chuckie,

So you got young?

It’s so cold in here,

I left the game early.

Though not in Green Bay my home’s metal and burr cold.

So I bid all a good night.

Sure wish kittens were trained to potty in bathroom.

My black cat potties in tub,


by my wife, Val’s Whitewolf Media

“Thirteen Signs You Might Be A Witch”

“Thirteen Signs You Might Be A Witch”

Most witches actually decide to be a witch. In fact, it’s not really something you are born with or that is indicated by signs as the title of this post suggests.

Really, there is only ONE sign that indicates you are a witch: you practice witchcraft.

Witchcraft is a science, an art, and a spiritual practice. It’s the use of magick to create change in your environment, or the practice of exerting your will to get what you want out of life.

That’s a pretty simple and general definition. This is because there are countless ways to express your witchy-ness but, when we get down to the very essence, that’s what we’re doing. We are becoming aware of our power to create, and we are using that power to plan and design the life we want to lead.

With the knowledge that you are a witch if you practice witchcraft in mind, here are 13 signs that you might be a witch or that witchcraft is the right path for you.

1. Earth
A witch is of the earth. If you find the answers to life through the patterns of Mother Nature, you might be a witch. If you, your life, and your body, are aligned with the seasonal shifts of the earth, you might be a witch.

2. Moon
A witch is of the Moon, too. The Moon is important in a spiritual way. If her beauty takes your breath away, you might be a witch.

If you always notice when the moon is full and your heart lifts when you see the crescent moon peeking through scudding clouds, you might be a witch.

If you are drawn, pulled, and moved by the moon’s energy, you might be a witch. If you have gazed at her, spoken to her, been flooded by her light, you might be a witch. If you, your life and your body, are aligned with her phases, you might be a witch.

3. Wisdom
A witch is a sponge for knowledge. If you love to read and discover new things constantly, you might be a witch. If you love to be awed by the simplicity and complexities of the Universe, you might be a witch.

When you find yourself bubbling from within, like a cauldron of ancient natural healing wisdom, you might be a witch. If you find that people are drawn to you and long to discuss life and all its fury, pain, love and wonder, you might be a witch.

4. Nature
Nature feels…well… natural to the witch. When you are in nature (walking in a garden, the woods, on the heath, or in a park), if you feel like that’s where you belong, you might be a witch. If nature restores you through connecting with grass, trees, oceans, and rocks, you might be a witch.

If you live by or in the woods, or by a body of water, or if you long to, you might be a witch. If you do rituals by bodies of water or in the woods, you might be a witch. Witches, being intricately intertwined with the Earth, embody the powers of nature, and long to be close to the natural beauty and power.

5. Animals
Witches are drawn to animals, and they are drawn to witches. If you have a natural rapport with creatures, you might be a witch. And it’s not just domestic animals, but wild ones, too.

If animals naturally come to you, and if you love them as well, you might be a witch. If you cry empathetically with the creatures of this planet, you might be a witch. If you naturally know their symbolism, and find wisdom and insight in their visits/appearances in your life, then you might be a witch.

Witches and animals are so aligned with nature that they speak a similar energetic language and often recognize each other.

6. Powerful
Witches feel energy. If you can feel it in your hands, flowing through you, or swirling around you, you might be a witch.

If you know that your wishes come true — good or bad, then you might be a witch. Because of this you might be a little cautious and in awe of your own power

Witches are as old as time; your eyes — the windows to your soul — hold ancient stories and secrets, myths and mysteries, answers and possibilities. If you’ve been called an old soul, you might be a witch.

7. Healing
Witches are the healers of this world. If you are drawn to the healing arts, you might be a witch. If you tend to seek natural or energetic remedies for yourself, and you offer them to others as well, you might be a witch. People might also heal just by being around you. Witches, being so attuned to the earth, are natural healers.

If you frequently send people away with hope in their hearts, and perhaps a tincture, a potion, an herbal remedy (you are familiar with the properties of plants), or even a ritual or two, you might be a witch.

8. Outsider
Witches are on the fringes of normal society. If you dislike crowds, you might be a witch. If the energy of other people swirl and eddy around you, you might be a witch. If you get a headache or feel grumpy or slightly ill when you find yourself in the middle of a large crowd, you might be a witch. If you need a lot of time to think, dream, recharge, and commune with Source — Nature/The Universe/The Goddess, you might be a witch.

If you feel like an outsider, with your nose pressed against the glass of life on earth, you might be a witch. If you know inside that you are actually an insider of a magical tribe, with insider wisdom, you might be a witch.

While witches hardly fit in the norm, they know there is something sacred, secret, and special about themselves. A witch is someone who has become aware of their power.

9. Your Collections
Witches love collecting things. Unusual pebbles, shells, strange twisted sticks, bird feathers, bones, coins, scraps of fabric or paper, old stuff, things other people wouldn’t give a second glance to. And cats or other animals.

If you accumulate objects, you might be a witch. If the books on your bookshelf, contents of your cupboards, animals that surround you, and other random objects and curios you collect all hint at your inner truth and reveal your witchiness, you might be a witch.

If you are drawn to beautiful rocks — pieces of earth energy — and you have kept stones like clear quartz, turquoise, rose quartz around you for as long as you can remember, even if you did not know their properties at the time, you might be a witch

Witches know the properties of the earth’s stones and charge them with — among other things — healing, love, abundance and protective benefits, and are often wearing their special stones in jewelry.

If you love to keep candles around and lit, you might be a witch. Candles are invitations to spirits and angels, and create a more magical, divine vibe.

If you like a good, energy-clearing sage or incense, you might be a witch.

10. Magic
Witches believe in magic, without doubt or fear. If you’ve always been attracted to the ‘Dark Arts,’ perhaps tarot, astrology, spell work, or healing, you might be a witch.

If you believe there is so much about us — and the world — that we don’t understand, you might be a witch. If the more you learn about witchcraft, the more you want to learn, you might be a witch.

If you believed in magic as a child, and saw magic in the air and in life, then you might be a witch. If you drawn to magical things, creatures, fables, stories, you might be a witch. If, even as you grew older, despite everyone telling you, “there’s no such thing.”, and despite the rest of the world not believing, you save some room in your heart for tales of magic, love, and the mystical and mysterious, anyway, then you might be a witch.

If you are drawn to movies and books about witches, magic, the spooky, the mystical, the unknowable, the you might be a witch.

If you believe there is no such thing as a coincidence, that we are not really alone, and this is not all there was, then you might be a witch. If you believe that no thing means nothing — in other words, everything means something — then you might be a witch.

11. Intuition
Witches are observant. If you take notice, are always using all your senses — you hear, you see, smell, taste, and touch— then you might be a witch.

If you can’t pass by an interesting tree without touching it, if you can’t ignore a herb garden without getting your hands right in there, with your nose following close behind, if you hear birds and insects and you acknowledge their existence and are grateful for their presence on the planet, then you might be a witch.

If you have always been able to rely on your intuition, you might be a witch. If, whenever you needed to make a snap judgment, your intuition has kicked in to guide you, you might be a witch.

If you’ve been unsure about someone’s motives, your intuition got you right out of that situation, you might be a witch. If you’ve anguished over a decision and in the end decided to go with your gut, which was spot-on, you might be a witch.

If you respect boundaries, know instinctively when a person needs a hug or when they’d prefer not to be close, know when to shut up and when to offer advice, then you might be a witch.

12. Divination
Witches can read the signs and symbols from the divine. If you get premonitions, as if you have an internal crystal ball, then you might be a witch. If you see or feel outcomes — flash-forwards — so far ahead that you find it frustrating when others have not caught up with you, you might be a witch.

If, w you are talking about what you think will happen, people tend to perk up and listen, you might be a witch.

If you have dreams and visions, of past lives and the future, you might be a witch. If you can read other people and their energy and intentions fairly well, you might be a witch. If you often feel as if you have a Sixth Sense, you might be a witch.

If you are drawn to Tarot, Runes, or other mist-parting divinations, you might be a witch.

13. Death
Witches have a fascination with death and what happens after we die. If you often feel as though people who have passed haven’t gone anywhere at all, you might be a witch. If you believe they are just behind a thin veil, and you can even communicate with them, then you might be a witch. If you have communicated with them and found the spirits have their quirks and characters just like the living, then you might be a witch.

And if, at the same time, you know we are all part of one whole, then you might be a witch.

by Maggie Haseman

Pheasant Spirit Animal

Pheasant Spirit Animal

If you happen to see animals the first time you are out or look out your window, it usually is there to remind you of how to look at life or what to be aware of or how to respond to your day.

If you saw pheasants today, here is what it means.

The pheasant spirit animal is an attractive and powerful totem that craves wide open spaces to roam free and spread its wings.

This pheasant symbolism is significant, because it teaches you to be more open to new experiences and to be comfortable being around new people.

Common Pheasant Spirit Animal Meanings

The pheasant meaning symbolizes using your gifts to achieve what you want.

You have the power to make anything happen, and it’s up to you whether you will live your biggest dream or just be content daydreaming about it, doing something that gets you through each day but not really giving you a passionate life.

The pheasant totem also symbolizes being creative and productive by tapping into your passions.

The things that you have always wanted to do will be the things that will propel you to do even greater things.

The pheasant meaning reminds you to know when to express yourself and when not to. There’s a time to be your natural self, and there’s a time to be your colorful and dazzling self.

The meaning of the pheasant also speaks about being true to yourself in a way.

There may be occasions that you need to impress people, but you should always show your genuine self.

The pheasant spirit animal signifies the law of attraction. Use your gifts to attract the people and the things that you want.

It also indicates the need to practice good judgment in any kind of situation. Weigh the pros and cons before you make a decision.

The pheasant spirit animal symbolizes seductiveness and fertility, and passion and attraction.

You feel the most attractive and the most seductive so use this raw energy to fuel your creativity, whether at work or at play.

The meaning of the pheasant is also about knowing when to protect yourself and the people that you love. There will always be danger, especially when you’re not looking.

Be on the constant lookout for any warning signs. But don’t let your fears keep you from experiencing things that being brave can provide.

The pheasant meaning is about moving through your ego. Strike a balance between feeding your ego healthily and using it to be a step ahead from others.

It also signifies abundance and good harvest. When you work hard, you will be rewarded richly.

The pheasant symbolism points to creating self-awareness. Know that the world does not revolve around you, and you are not the only person in the world who is blessed with gifts and talents.

This pheasant symbolism appears to you not to create insecurities, but to make you more conscious that there are equally talented people like you out there. Strive to be more competitive!

Does the Pheasant Symbolise Good Luck?

The pheasant spirit animal reminds you to tap into your creative reserve and keep your passions burning. This will enable you to nurture your gifts and unlock endless prosperity.

This will allow you to enjoy the pleasures of life and move forward on your path to success. You will make new discoveries about the world and yourself and fully enjoy the things that surround you.

You will have a better sense of appreciation of everything that you have. And this will inspire you to aspire for more!

Does seeing a Pheasant mean Love is coming?

When you see the pheasant spirit animal, that means you can attract love and create love in your life. You are at your lovemaking peak, and you have the gifts to get what you want.

You are confident enough to attract anybody and dazzle them with your wit, beauty, and personality. Don’t be afraid to use your gifts to catch the attention of that special person!

Strut your stuff and be your natural awesome self. However, don’t go against character and pretend to be someone that you’re not.

Positive Traits of the Pheasant Spirit Animal

When you share an affinity with the pheasant spirit animal, that means you prefer open spaces where you can roam and move freely. You look forward to new experiences and meeting new people.

You love change and variety. Sometimes you like to flaunt yourself, and sometimes you just want to be left alone.

You like anything fun, vibrant, and colorful. You are one creative and attractive soul.

Negative Traits of the Pheasant Spirit Animal

You are loud, flirtatious, and flamboyant. You are also very seductive, perhaps a little too seductive.

You are passionate and do not hesitate to use any means necessary to get what you want. This can be a problem if you are in a committed relationship.

Call on your Pheasant Spirit Animal when:
You need to start appreciating the beauty that surrounds you.

Don’t be that person who’s so busy with work that you fail to see the wonders everywhere. Take a break to relax and enjoy, and don’t forget to be grateful for the little things.

You need to use your gifts to achieve what you want.

You are given your gifts so that you can shine and share them with the world. Don’t waste them by hiding them or not using them at all!

You need to know when to start expressing yourself and when to just keep quiet.

You must take care not be too flashy and bold so as not to turn off people. Lay low when the need arises, but stand tall when the situation calls for it.

3 Unusual Facts About Pheasant Symbolism

There are various aspects connected to pheasant symbolism that you may very well want to apply to your own life.

This bird has a certain level of grace and charm surrounding it, but then that is not always going to translate over to how it is symbolically represented.

That being said, there are still number of rather important facts surrounding pheasant symbolism that you may very well want to be made aware of.

1. You need to be open to brand new experiences.

One of the first things to mention when it comes to pheasant symbolism is the way in which it teaches you that there is a very real need to be open to brand new experiences.

This will prove to be important in your life simply because it encourages you to be willing to meet new people and you will also be in a position to further your own self thanks to these new experiences.

At the same time, you do have to be able to protect yourself, so there is no sense of you just jumping in without thinking twice about it all as that is going to serve no real positive purpose for you.

2. It is symbolic of being creative and passionate.

At the same time, pheasant symbolism is also going to be closely associated with the idea of being creative about things and having a passion that you are willing to explore.

This also fits in with the previous point regarding new experiences, but then you need to be aware of what you are passionate about to then ultimately blend it into your life.

Creativity should be fun and something that you love to explore. Also, there is the belief that being able to do all of this is only going to push you onto even greater things in life due to the way in which this is going to influence you in a positive manner.

3. It is symbolic of seduction and being attractive.

Finally, pheasant symbolism is also closely related to the idea of seduction and being attractive as a person.

This does refer to attraction in not only the outer self but also the inner one since you have to be true to your core in order to get anywhere in life.

You should be capable of using your charm in order to get anywhere, and to be more than willing to just go with your ace cards to ultimately achieve whatever your goal has turned out to be.

Overall, the pheasant symbolism is certainly far more powerful than people are often going to give it credit for, and if you are searching for that all-important change within your own inner self, then this is the kind of spirit animal that is going to be able to help you in that way.

That being said, there is still a need for you to look more closely at what you want from your life to further increase the chances of you being able to attain those heights.

My final thoughts on the Pheasant Spirit Animal and its Symbolism

The meaning of the pheasant is a reminder that you still have untapped passions waiting to be unleashed. You possess the gifts to make your life as colorful as you want.

You are endlessly creative and attractive. You can attract the energies that will be beneficial for you, but just remember to be true to yourself.

The meaning of the pheasant encourages you to be open about your creativity and positively influence the world with it.

Do not let your pride or your ego get in the way of sharing this gift with everyone!

by Imelda Green