No Longer Like Life

I no longer like arts and crafts. I no longer like playing musical instruments. I no longer want to be intelligent. I no longer want to help people. I only love my family and friends. And I’m beginning to be afraid to love any persons that used to be close to me. I can’t liveContinue reading “No Longer Like Life”

Sweet Sammy Is A Bully Now

Since living with Val and her 4 cat children Sammy became a fighter. He had always been a sweet cat and never fought another animal. Yes he swatted my friend’s little dog hind leg but never with his claws out. He liked the little dog and wanted to play with her. Now from constant hissingContinue reading “Sweet Sammy Is A Bully Now”

“I’ll Take Care Of You”

Me: Need to give money to pay rent. Can pay $250. So if I don’t pay then I will have no income. Other: Don’t give rent. Pay utility bill. “I’ll take care of you.” Don’t worry. Me: Spent two years trying to get SSDI. Social Security Disability Income because I can’t work fast enough forContinue reading ““I’ll Take Care Of You””

CONTROL by Val’s Whitewolf Media

“Control” by Val’s Whitewolf Media Government, funny how it seems since March in the year twenty-twenty, America has slid sideways into a different universe where the government controls all! Do you feel me! What if the new drug that is or has been hardly tested is deadly? We have all seen drugs on the marketContinue reading “CONTROL by Val’s Whitewolf Media”

You Have A Deadline

Say you have a deadline. And you have 2 weeks. Someone tells you that you have to stay home because it’s going to be raining. You have a deadline. Everything has to be ready by that last day. Do you stay home and do nothing because of rain You have a deadline. No matter ofContinue reading “You Have A Deadline”

Kitty Day Care by My Wife Val’s Whitewolf Media

Boy could I use a kitty day care, No more watching the Packers playing ball with Sophie tapping players on the field, No more me yelling ’Nooooo!, Stop that! Don’t climb the curtain!, Get outttt!’ Sophie and her sister leave and my Black cat enters the room. I look away real fast, Its quiet inContinue reading “Kitty Day Care by My Wife Val’s Whitewolf Media”

“Thirteen Signs You Might Be A Witch”

“Thirteen Signs You Might Be A Witch” Most witches actually decide to be a witch. In fact, it’s not really something you are born with or that is indicated by signs as the title of this post suggests. Really, there is only ONE sign that indicates you are a witch: you practice witchcraft. Witchcraft isContinue reading ““Thirteen Signs You Might Be A Witch””

Pheasant Spirit Animal

Pheasant Spirit Animal If you happen to see animals the first time you are out or look out your window, it usually is there to remind you of how to look at life or what to be aware of or how to respond to your day. If you saw pheasants today, here is what itContinue reading “Pheasant Spirit Animal”