An Injustice From Oxford, Alabama’s Restaurants

On our trek to my home in Macon Georgia and coming from Quasqueton Iowa we decided to stay at the Motel 6 Anniston Alabama and after traveling for a little over 7 hours we were hungry for a hot meal because we snacked a little on the way.

We didn’t want to drive around the area to find a place to eat because we get lost in towns and cities.

So, like in other towns that we stayed overnight, we ordered food to be delivered.

We Googled food delivering restaurants and found 11 of them. Google was wrong. Not one delivered to us. One said we had to give a 24 hour notice. Another said we had to get their apps. Another couldn’t understand our language and hung up. Another hung up when we asked if they deliver. Another couldn’t deliver to our motel room but wanted to deliver to the office lobby. It’s raining and my wife’s cane slipped and almost fell and I didn’t have a cane and slipped almost to the ground.

So, we didn’t want to chance that. So, we fasted supper.

It’s weird that the night before, we got a young man from Jimmy Johns sandwich shop to deliver to us and we gave him a fat tip. He offered to give change back. We told him to keep it. He was so sweet and helped us unload our car and take it into the room.

What’s wrong with the people in Oxford, Alabama? Apparently they don’t need the business. We were tired, in pain from driving, hungry and afraid to get lost. Being 68 years old and with arthritis in my knees and pains in my shoulder from my surgery, why do we get this kind of treatment?

It’s not fair. I don’t plan to stay in Oxford Alabama again. It’s an injustice and they are inhospitable.

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