A Bank Other Than Mine

Maybe someone can help me understand why a bank other than mine, cashed a check that came from the bank, and took $7.00 from the amount and not give me the who amount.

Here’s how it all began.

I had to get a COVID test from my doctor’s office. They charged me $75.00 instead of filing my insurance. I gave it to them.

I just received a $75.00 check from the doctor last week. The check was from Sun Trust.

I’ve never had problems cashing checks from that bank in the past. My parents would give me checks as a birthday gift.

I would take the checks to that bank, show them my driver’s license, sign my name, and they gave me exact amount.

Today the bank robbed me. I know that sounds funny.

There were no signs inside the bank that says they charge people that don’t have an account to cash checks.

I walked in, signed the $75.00 check with Sun Trust name on it, then handed my driver’s license to them and told them I am not a member.

They told me I had to give them my credit card. (Why?) She looked at the card from the Atlanta Postal Credit Union bank, frowned, looked at the front and wrote something, then turned it over and looked at it and wrote something again. (What’s the reason for that?)

Next, she got out money and started counting it, asked if I wanted it in an envelope. I said yes. She had a lot of dollar bills and fives. I told her I wanted bigger bills. She then gave me a $50, a $10, a $5 and 3 $1 bills. She counted out loud and coming to the amount of $68.00.

I was upset at this point. I told her the check was for $75, not $68. She told me they charge $7 to cash checks for people that aren’t members.

I told her I never saw a sign anywhere that said that and that they should warn people.

Then she smiled and I told them my husband is going to be mad with me.

She said, that if I open an account with them, this wouldn’t happen again.

I cried in front of them. They smiled.

I feel like they tricked me and robbed me.

Why did they change the rules? If it’s a check from their bank, why did they steal $7.00 from me?

Should I call the police or get a lawyer?

What do I do? That’s not fair.

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