Beautiful Blue Couch

“Beautiful Blue Couch”

by Anna

I’m moving back home.

Missing my elderly parents.

I moved away to 4 states from my home about two and a half months ago because I needed a place to live.

The property manager of the retirement home I was living in threatened to hurt me worse than what she’s already done.

I don’t know what she’s done to me that was so bad but the second threat scared me.

Needing a safe place was what I needed. So my woman friend offered me her home and we planned to make a living together.

We had talked about doing that before then, but for in the future, not at that time. So we can get to know each other more.

Then this threat came up and I was so scared. My friend decided to come 4 states down to get my property and we would flee away from my menace.

She paid for almost all of the moving van men. Plus paying for food and motels to reach my new destination.

Now. All the stuff in the moving van was my most prized possessions. I took care of it because I knew that I will never have the money to buy better stuff if it’s all gone. Some was given me by my dead in-laws or my parents and a few things I saved money a long time to get.

Money from Social Security Disability. Barely getting enough to live on. I sacrificed a lot of it to obtain better products.

Now I’m 4 states away from home. Too far from my parents. Parents that I’m still attached to. Parents that still help me even though I’m soon to be 69 years old.

Mentally my mind is a teenager. So a lot of times I can’t be an adult. So I need help.

Well anyway. So much shock of the fast getaway and suddenly having to adjust to a new life with 5 cats instead of 1 started taking a tow on me and now sickness and pain all to deal with.

Trying to keep the house clean day in and day out after cats tear down what I work on.

One piece of furniture among three, I treasure. A beautiful blue couch.

For 7 years I have kept it clean and in good shape even with my kitten around and now he’s almost 8 years old.

I have been fighting cats and kittens trying to continue to keep my couch looking nice.

I used to sleep on that couch because of my back or to feel safe on. Now only cats sleep on it. Run and jump and try to rip the plastic off or scratch it to shreds. Mainly the two 6 month old kittens. The other 3 adults know better.

I had to put plastic on it and tape long wide strips of cardboard around the edges at the bottom and sides. A lot of tape is on it too. I sit on it but it’s not pleasurable anymore because of the taped plastic crinkling and me sliding off.

Now I’m going back home. I’m too homesick. And to go home I have to pack up everything in a Uhaul and take it with me.

What’s breaking my heart and giving me mental anguish is having to leave my beautiful blue couch behind to 2 little cats that if I’m not there to protect it, the couch will be shredded into strips and smelly with hair all over it.

I cry so hard that I have worked hard to preserve it all these years to let animals destroy it.

And to know I won’t be buying another nice sleeping couch like that ever again.

I’m too old to save 4 or 5 years for another. I’ll have to buy a smelly used torn couch to live out my life.

They say parting is such sorrow and parting with things I work hard for or my dead loved ones gave me is very deep sorrow for me.

Oh, the reason I have to leave it is because my back and arms are too weak to move it. I’m not 30 years old anymore.

Goodbye my “beautiful blue couch”. I can’t keep you nor keep you safe from destruction.


Published by Sher Greenwolf

I love to read children's books to children and the young at heart. Then I love nature and animals and take pictures of them. Also I love traveling and learning the history of each state/city. The other things I like to do is teach survival and crafts. I love to help people know they can do almost anything they want.

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