CONTROL by Val’s Whitewolf Media

“Control” by Val’s Whitewolf Media

Government, funny how it seems since March in the year twenty-twenty, America has slid sideways into a different universe where the government controls all! Do you feel me! What if the new drug that is or has been hardly tested is deadly?

We have all seen drugs on the market before like ‘Yaz!’ Appeared was inoculated into young women as a contraceptive only that was not exactly what it did. Bingo Bango the ambulance chasers were on late night TV. {{If you used ‘Yaz’ and suffered a list of horrible side effects you could qualify for some of the lets say seventy million being awarded!}}

Where are the stat’s! I heard that in Britian they will be mixing two drugs together. How is that going to help!

Watch: What to expect when you’re injected: Vaccine side effects explained

Published by Sher Greenwolf

I love to read children's books to children and the young at heart. Then I love nature and animals and take pictures of them. Also I love traveling and learning the history of each state/city. The other things I like to do is teach survival and crafts. I love to help people know they can do almost anything they want.

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