How To Relax From A Hectic Environment

This is an exercise I’ve done to help relax from a hectic environment.

Take a automatic pencil and a tablet of paper to a quiet place outside.

If possible, spread a piece of cloth on the ground and lean against a tree.

If that’s not possible, sit in a camp chair.

Then listen to the natural sounds around you.

Start writing what you hear. Write what it is if you know it. Like: cardinal, fox, bullfrog.

If you’re not sure, write: bird, animal, frog. Or write what it sounded like or IDK (I Don’t Know).

When you think you are through, take a deep breath. Hold it and then slowly let it out.

Drink some water and relax.

Then start listening some more.

What else do you hear?

Tree creaking? Leaves rustling? Trickle of water somewhere? Knocking?

Write it down.

Spend at least 30 minutes a day. Up to an hour.

This is a great way to get in tune with nature, forget about your everyday life with business and family and world events and troubles.

It’s fun to do it at night too. Helps you to sleep more peaceful.

Published by Sher Greenwolf

I love to read children's books to children and the young at heart. Then I love nature and animals and take pictures of them. Also I love traveling and learning the history of each state/city. The other things I like to do is teach survival and crafts. I love to help people know they can do almost anything they want.

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