Dragon Woman by Sherry A Mason 

Her breath felt warm against my cold ear as she told me where she hid her magical egg.

She told me, “If you make love to your new girlfriend beside the egg, it would turn an amber color if she is the one for you”.
My dragon friend and I had been very close for a year. I saved her life.
The people didn’t like that Amilia was near our village because they were afraid of her. So our king offered a price to kill her.
One day I saw her crying because her leg had a spear in it.
I eased up to her and she spit out a flame. Cautiously I got closer and gently talked to her. “Calm down. I won’t hurt you. I want to help you.”
She let me come closer.
I removed the spear and cleaned it.
I visited her and tended to her injury for a few days and we became friends.
One day while I was visiting her, a man came to kill her. She cried out, “No! Please don’t kill me!” I grabbed one of the spears left behind and I threw it and hurt him. He ran off.
I decided to go speak to the king on Amilia’s behalf.
The king and I discussed the situation with the dragon. “She’s just here for a while until she lays her egg. When it hatches and the baby is strong enough to fly, they will leave. In between time no harm will come to humans.”
“I like that idea,” the king said and sent out a degree. “ANYONE HARMING THE DRAGON WILL BE PUT TO DEATH!”
Because of being friends with the dragon I was known as the Dragon Woman by the villagers.
Amilia and I talked about so many things. I even talked about my new girlfriend, “Tynis is so sweet to me. She’s willing to try everything I tell her. I just wished I knew if she’s right for me before we get closer.”
One day when I came to the cave, Amilia wasn’t feeling well. “Go away! Leave me alone!” She said grumpily.
“Hey we are friends and friends stick together in all situations.”
“Now, tell me what’s wrong? Is there something I can do?”
“I’m about to lay my egg and it’s making me grumpy. Can you go get me some water?”
“Yes. I’ll go now.”
It took some time to get a big bucket of water and back to the cave.
When I got back Amilia was dead. I wrapped my arms around her and laid my head on her neck and started crying.
Suddenly she blew a little smoke out and it startled me.
I jumped back and she raised her head, “What’s wrong?
“I thought you died.”
“I’m very tired. That’s sweet that you care about me like that. Humans have never loved us like you love me.”
“Look. I laid my egg and was exhausted and fell asleep.”
“Here’s the water. Do you want to drink it?”
“Yes, thank you,” she said and it was consumed in no time.
“Can I see the egg? Can I touch it?”

“Not at the moment because there’s something magical happening inside and can’t be disturbed for a while.”

“This egg is a magic egg and the baby inside will be the king of all dragons.”

“There is a prophecy about my egg and it needs to be hidden.”

As the weeks went by we enjoyed being together. Then she asked, “You talk a lot about your girlfriend and I want to meet her. Can you please bring her to see me?”
“Oh yes I’ve been wanting you to meet her. I’ll try.
Later that night I talked to Tynis about Amilia.
“Tynis, Amilia wants to meet you.”

“I’m afraid of her. She’s so big and she might blow fire at me if she gets mad.”

“Don’t be afraid. She’s a nice dragon. You trust me don’t you? I won’t let anything happen to you. I swear.”
“Al..alright let’s go. I’ve been wanting to see her because of all the things you tell me about her.”
When we arrived. Tynis was scared and froze.
“Please Tynis. Please trust me. She’s not like that. She’s very sweet. Come on and I’ll hold your hand. I won’t leave your side. Alright?”
We all talked and laughed and had a nice meeting.
“It was so nice to finally meet you Amilia. May I come back again?”
“Of course Tynis! Anytime you like. Thanks for coming,” Amilia said.
Later that week it was cold and I was sitting on a rock in front of Amilia, shivering.
Then I felt her hot breath on my ear telling me, “Take Tynis to my egg and make love with her next to it. But do not touch the egg until you both are through. And it’s warm in the cave where the egg is.”
“Oh.. Alright.”
I talked to Tynis, “do you want to go with me to see the egg?”
“Oh yes! That’ll be awesome!” She was excited and went with me.
When we found the egg it was a beautiful jade color and it was pulsing.
“Tynis I’d like to make love to you over there. It is safe and warm.”
“Yes I’d like that.”
We made love and it was so powerful. I’d never felt that way with other women before Tynis.
After we were through, “Amilia wanted us to touch the egg together. I think it gives the baby power.” “Okay,” she agreed. We both laid our hands gently on the egg. It was very soft and warm.

We felt pulsing go through us.

“Oh look Tynis! The egg is changing!”

It felt like lightning went through us. It was an awesome feeling. “Wow!” We both said in unison.

We looked at each other and smiled.
“Tynis, I love you so much. Would you marry me?”
“Oh yes! I loved you from the first day I saw you. I will!”
We kissed while we were touching the egg. Our love radiated through the egg and dazzling colors went all around the cave.
As we walked hand in hand to see Amilia, we felt different. Amilia smiled. She knew it was done.
We stayed all night talking and laughing and had fun.

Published by Sher Greenwolf

I love to read children's books to children and the young at heart. Then I love nature and animals and take pictures of them. Also I love traveling and learning the history of each state/city. The other things I like to do is teach survival and crafts. I love to help people know they can do almost anything they want.

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