Laundry Mat Fun?

I was told today to go have fun when I told that person I was going to the laundry mat with my family to wash my clothes.

We walk in and a lot of people were in there. We were lucky to find two washers available. The rest were in use.

Other families were there too. Starting with toddler to elderly. One screaming a high pitch enough to make one go deaf. That was so much fun watching that toddler fighting to be let go so he can run around. So cute.

Finally he runs back to an adult and is given a cell phone to play with. Like a pacifier.

We used to have things for children to play with in their own special room that has glass walls all around so they could be watched and made sure they were safe. Now since the COVD virus started there is nothing there for them.

People were sitting on nice hard benches and waiting as their clothes washed. Then got up to put in dryers. And it was very warm there.

So watching people, with loud conversations and watching TVs we can’t hear with no captions was very much fun.

Not that many people and children were wearing masks. I was glad I had mine on because I didn’t want that virus and I’m not ready to die.

Now don’t get me wrong. I really like the Splash & Dash Laundry Mat. It’s very nice and clean. There’s someone there to help if we needed it and they clean the washers and dryers when the customer is through.

But it being “fun”, definitely not.

Published by Sher Greenwolf

I love to read children's books to children and the young at heart. Then I love nature and animals and take pictures of them. Also I love traveling and learning the history of each state/city. The other things I like to do is teach survival and crafts. I love to help people know they can do almost anything they want.

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