Giving Honor Where Honor Is Due

I want to give honor to my friend/partner.

I never have been able to figure out how to make a Blog.

I’ve never known how to have my own YouTube channel and was afraid to try.

I’ve always wanted my own website, too. But didn’t know how.

I now have a website but still can’t figure out how to do it all correctly.


Until I met this sweet young woman that has been doing all of this for years.

Val Heike Whitewolf Media introduced me to a whole new world and has taught all of the media I have now.

I met her as a new friend on Facebook and I started asking her questions and I found out she reads books on YouTube.

I love listening to people read especially children’s books. That’s when I started wanting to do that too.

We became fast friends and discovered we like and do practically everything the same.

I want to give honor to her, for teaching me something new and exciting and for being very patient with me.

I sometimes don’t get what people are teaching me to do and people walk away.

But she stuck to her guns and braced her feet solidly in the ground and made several attempts until I got it.

Now we are learning new equipment/toys together and plan to use our new camcorders/cameras and pursue new avenues and adventures.

Thank you Val Heike Whitewolf Media from the bottom of my heart.

I wished I had teachers like you when I was in school.

You are an inspiration to me. And show me and tell me that I am somebody and I can do a lot more than I was told I couldn’t.

I give you double honor🎖!

Published by Sher Greenwolf

I love to read children's books to children and the young at heart. Then I love nature and animals and take pictures of them. Also I love traveling and learning the history of each state/city. The other things I like to do is teach survival and crafts. I love to help people know they can do almost anything they want.

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