Being In Three Places At The Same Time

Here is what happened when I was in three places at the same time:

I was laying on the sofa facing the window which I think is north east.

It was beginning to get dark.

There was a lamp post below me outside that was already lit.

I was on the 4th floor and I had been looking at the trees outside
my window.

Then I saw a ball of light the size of a golf ball go flying by from my kitchen, which was to my right behind me. To my left was the wall of my sitting room or as some say my livingroom.

I followed the light until I saw an entity that was see through yet it looked
like it had water inside, and it was the shape of a person.

As I was watching it, 5 to 7 little naked children were around me while I was in a bed somewhere else. They were coming up to me and hitting my hand saying ‘Mama”.

Every time I looked at the entity they
would try to get me to look at them in the other place while in a bed.

Then when I was looking at them, behind them I would see me with my head facing the window in something like a hospital. When looking there, I am in the hospital place watching some strange looking people work on a friend of mine.

See, also to my right is my kitchen table, which I saw past the operating room. All the time I was seeing one thing then another thing then another thing
all at the same time. And the little naked children were light grey with a light behind them.

I could not see the strange people’s color because they had white clothes on
like in an operating room, even their head and face was covered up. Only could I barely make out parts of their eyes. Have you ever looked into a mirror in front of you and a mirror in back and you saw yourself that goes a long way back? It was like that only each time was a different scene.

In each scene I saw everyone and they saw me.

After that while watching this take place, I shut my eyes for a second and opened them up to see the sun coming in my window.

I was very tired, like I worked all night.

Published by Sher Greenwolf

I love to read children's books to children and the young at heart. Then I love nature and animals and take pictures of them. Also I love traveling and learning the history of each state/city. The other things I like to do is teach survival and crafts. I love to help people know they can do almost anything they want.

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