Haunted Trails In Georgia

Several years ago, I think about 2007 or maybe earlier, I had a boyfriend that is full-blooded Seminole Indian.

He decided we would start hiking a trail that leads to the Ocmulgee River that runs from Jackson, GA, through our town which is Macon, GA and I think ends in the Atlantic Ocean in or near Savannah, GA.

Well, the name of this trail is the Hititchi Trail. It’s a 4 mile trail through rough land. And along a creek.
Very beautiful country.

This area was where the Seminole and other tribes in Florida were running and hid from the white man that was trying to get these tribes to go to Oklahoma.

They hid out in these woods.
So, at the time we started hiking, we didn’t know the history.

We were crossing logs and checking out the creek. Suddenly across the creek I hear movement in the leaves. Then my side vision catches the movement of a large animal. I slowly turned my head and there was an Indian chief sitting on a brown horse with white splotches and the man was sitting bareback. And he was facing towards the left of us. The other odd thing was he was surrounded by a fog. On our side there was no fog.
He saw us and pointed toward our destination.

We waved and continued on down the trail.

As we rounded a curve in the trail, there was an arched tree branch and it looked like a doorway.

We stopped and looked at each other and he raised his eyebrow in question. Should we or shouldn’t we? I nodded my head. Yes.

We walked slowly through the doorway cautiously and quietly, expecting something.

I saw them first. Touched his hand and his eyes wide open and both brows almost into his hair.

There were women and children, gathering and picking up nuts and berries while the women scraping bark.

They smiled and kept working.
The children ran to my boyfriend and hugged him, some held his hands and called him a name in their language. My boyfriend said, “What does that mean?” The youngest woman said, “Sacred One”.

There were about 7 children.
They came up to me also, patting my leg or hip. Calling me a name too, but I couldn’t get the English meaning, but I’ve heard that name in dreams most of my life.

Then the elder woman made a noise to the children and they all smiled at us and went back to work.

The elder women pointed down the path we were walking so we nodded our heads and went on down towards the river.

We stopped after we’ve walked maybe 2 miles and sat on a fallen tree and had our lunch and drank some water. Just resting and enjoyed the sounds around us and talked about what had happened.

After about 30 minutes, we started to continue our trek.

We were coming around a huge tree and heard flute music. And smelled smoke from a camp fire.

No one is allowed to have a fire in these woods but we smelled it.

The flute music was very sweet and relaxing. But still we couldn’t find where it was coming from.

As we continued, we heard people talking, like a camp. And the music was louder with a soft earth sound of drums.

We went around a sharp bend and we saw them. They were in a fog. They saw us and started shouting “Chosen One” in Seminole language. They were trying to beckon us over.

We did go, but we couldn’t get close because it seemed like a veil was in the way.

They wanted us to sit down with them. But we couldn’t.

So we sat on our side of the veil. They were smiling and talking to us. But we just smiled back. Because we had no idea what they were saying.

Then an Eagle shrilled and we looked up and it swooped down at us and its wing almost touch us.

We looked back toward the camp and it was gone.

Our que to leave.

We finished our trek back to the car and sat in it and was in awe.

We didn’t speak until we got home.

We did go back 3 times a week after that.

There were a lot more experiences we had.

Even I met my spirit wolf.
He was so cool.

But that’s another tale for another day.

Published by Sher Greenwolf

I love to read children's books to children and the young at heart. Then I love nature and animals and take pictures of them. Also I love traveling and learning the history of each state/city. The other things I like to do is teach survival and crafts. I love to help people know they can do almost anything they want.

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