Why Do Families Hate Or Don’t Tolerate One Different Child?

Why Do Families Hate Or Don’t Tolerate One Different Child?

To this day, I don’t know why my family seems to hate me especially my sisters.

I am 68 years old. Sickly most of the time mainly from diabetes plus from a weak immune system that was weakened from chemotherapy back in 2014.

I’ve been sickly for a lot longer than 2014. This hinders fun times with my friends or going places. I’m constantly having to make rain dates. I even miss out on family get togethers.

I am different than my family members. I am the eldest of 3 siblings. Yet I’m treated as a baby or the youngest. My middle sister is considered as the eldest and the favorite of me and my baby sister.

According to my family, I am retarded. I know because I caught my parents quietly discussing this to my middle sister. Saying things like, “just ignore her and don’t believe her, at least she’s not drinking or taking drugs”. That sent an arrow straight into my heart. I love them all so much, but am constantly receiving arrows. If you can see my heart it would look like a pin cushion and bleeding.

After hearing them talk about me like that, I call a psychologist and asked him if I am a retarded person. He gave me a test with about 100 questions. Afterwards he graded it and said no. In fact my IQ is borderline to being a genius.

He signed the results and told me to show my family and if they have any questions, they can call him. I was so happy to know I wasn’t retarded.

I took it to my mother and she looked at it and told me, I made up the test and signed it. She said it’s a lie and a faked test.

You know, that to me sounds like an intelligent person if the test was made and I signed someone else’s signature. Don’t it sound that way to you?

I’m slow to think sometimes and also don’t understand many things and need help from others. That doesn’t make a person retarded. Not every body knows everything.

A few months ago my mother told me that she’s never believed anything I told her. How should I feel about that statement? Should that acknowledgment help me in some way? Why would she tell me such a hurtful thing?

One time when I was married to a man, we went to visit my parents and my dad has a play room where he sits and watch TV or work on the computer. We were sitting on his couch and I noticed he had photos of his family members on his bookshelf and on the walls.

I saw my sisters and their families but not mine. No daughter and her children nor mine.

When we left, I cried all the way home. Devastated. That sent the message to my heart. I’m not excepted nor loved.

My husband called my family and told them why I was upset and devastated and almost out of control.

The next visit I was happy to see I was added to the family photos and my daughter’s family. But it hurt that my dad had to be prompted to add more photos.

My sisters seem to hate me, too. Especially my baby sister. When my big sister comes to visit, most of the time I’m not told she’s there at my parent’s until after she’s left. I call her “the Golden Child” because they treat her like she’s royalty.

My niece told me the two sisters sit close together and whisper about all the stupid things I do and say. Like how “stupid” I was to call an ambulance to come pick me up because of very bad pain from having chemotherapy that day. They also talked about some mean and ugly things they wished would happen to me. I know for a fact my baby sister said if she could find a way to kill me and get by with it, she’d do it one of these days. I have that in her own writing.

Why are they doing this? I have never done one mean thing to them, unless loving them and trying to help them is mean.

The most recent thing my mother said to me was she didn’t need my help.

I have to send email messages to them because I cough when I talk because of a bad cold. I hate that they refuse to learn to text because it would be a lot faster. I’ve been sending messages but they don’t reply. That is so hurtful to me. Maybe they are busy or my baby sister is deleting them before they see them.

One day I had to go to my parent’s house to borrow my dad’s truck. And my mom told me that she’s about run herself ragged.

Her sister has moved in with them and my mom has to go places taking my aunt and others to doctor appointments, go buy groceries and other things, take care of dad, etc.

My baby sister takes dad places and runs errands for her but she’s sick.

So mom is tired. Who’s taking care of her.

Since she told me that I wanted to help out. I’ve offered my services but she didn’t tell me what to do. That’s when I decided to ask dad if I could take him anywhere. Yes he wanted to go to a store.

That was fun because I love being with him.

Later I had to borrow the truck again for moving stuff and when I came back, my mother seemed sick. I asked and found out that all but my aunt was sick.

I posted on Facebook that they were sick and asked for prayer. Also I said I wasn’t going on a trip that I had planned with my partner. And I told them I wasn’t going while my family is sick and I wanted to stay and help them.

My mom called and said she didn’t need my help. They are all fine and they can take care of themselves.

I thought I was a family member and should help lighten the load. Apparently that’s not true. I am related by blood but not a member of their tribe.

Why am I tolerated or hated? What have I done to them to cause them to feel this way to me? Because I am different and think differently? That’s the wrong thing to hate me for. Don’t you think?

They help me a lot, but I think it’s out of guilt.

Why Do Families Hate Or Don’t Tolerate One Different Child?

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I love to read children's books to children and the young at heart. Then I love nature and animals and take pictures of them. Also I love traveling and learning the history of each state/city. The other things I like to do is teach survival and crafts. I love to help people know they can do almost anything they want.

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