Memories Of David Allan Coleman

(I’m just sharing my thoughts, anguish, and hurts.

I’m still packing my belongings and putting them in storage. (Still afraid my belongings will be gone when I come back from vacation)

I came across my husband’s family pictures of the Coleman side of his family. It was his father’s family.

I started crying because as far as I know, that side of the family still thinks he’s alive.

When David died November 22, 2014, I had just got out of the hospital the day before. I had to go stay with my parents because I wasn’t well enough to take care of myself.

He told me he would see me Saturday which was the day after I went home.

He never made it. He died in his sleep.

His brother came and took whatever he wanted of David’s and handed the rest of David’s property over to his best friend, Allan Swift.

Some friend he turned out to be. He kept David’s and my Rolodex with our phone numbers in it and his family’s phone numbers and addresses.

I told Allan that if he didn’t give it to me, then he should contact David’s family.

Allan told me that that side of the family didn’t deserve to know about David. Because his family were christian and one cousin was a fire and brimstone preacher.

David loved him and his entire family. I still cry to this day at how cruel his “best friend” was. David would have cried too if he knew what Allan did.

Also he wouldn’t give me the paintings that he didn’t want. The christian ones were given to some helpers that didn’t know David nor appreciate art except to try to sell them for their beer, cigs or pot.

The set of canisters that his mom made was to go to me. His mom said I could have them. Dave said I could have them when he passed.

Allan gave them to Dave’s caregiver. She was about to give his painting of Jacob’s ladder with the angels but my mom stepped in and said it was for my daughter. It said on the back “To my daughter, Sylvia Worrall.” If my mom hadn’t have seen that, the caregiver wouldn’t have returned it.

Another person that was not nice, was a relative of mine. She took all of David’s records. And mine was in that stack. She did it to get money when the rock and roll singers and other type of singers died.

She did offer me 2 singles because there were more than one and they were of him singing and playing in his band.

She also took our jewelery. My and his wedding bands. I asked him to hang onto my ring and jewelry. We had other jewelry that was his mom’s and ours. She stole them from me. Not for a memory. No. But for money.

You think sometimes your closest friends and family are nice but they are different when someone dies.

David’s friend has no respect for me because of David’s sickness. He was delusional, paranoia schizophrenic.

Sometimes he didn’t see things the way the really were and would tell Allan what he thought I did and/or said and Allan of course believed how bad I was or crazy I was when it wasn’t true.

Then Allan told an old friend mine that I have known since I was 18 years old, these stories David told, and my best friend now hates my guts and I didn’t do whatever it was that David saw or heard which wasn’t true.

Always ask the person that is being talked about, if it’s true because if you know a person with a mental that has delusional thoughts, they may be confused. You will end up losing a good friend.

Another thing that hurts about my husband.
I don’t know where his body is. His brother didn’t put him in the grave that was next to his mother and father. His mother paid for his and my plot.

The man in the funeral building had the grave scanned for a body or jar. Nothing is there.

I asked Allan and he said that Roy Jr, David’s brother had him cremated but he doesn’t know where the ashes were. He thinks he flushed them down the toilet. With how bad Roy hated David and his parents and me, he might have done that.

Because I can’t find his body, I couldn’t be buried in my grave either. So I bought a plot above the Coleman’s family with my dad’s help.

Weird thing is there is a David A Coleman buried in the same cemetery but he died in November and another date but in 2013 I think. 😢

Published by Sher Greenwolf

I love to read children's books to children and the young at heart. Then I love nature and animals and take pictures of them. Also I love traveling and learning the history of each state/city. The other things I like to do is teach survival and crafts. I love to help people know they can do almost anything they want.

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